Critique My Diet

posted this on my training log, just curious about what the nutrition guys have to say about my eating habits, so i thought i would post over here too.

typical eating day for me. this was yesterdays food log.

  1. grilled tri-tip, roasted veggies, spinach salad and baked butter nut squash

  2. protein shake and 2 chees quesidillas on flour tortilla.

  3. 3 brownies and 2 glasses of skim milk

  4. whole garlic bread pepperoni pizza

  5. bowl of blackberries

  6. two-bowls of extra meaty blackbean chili

  7. two handfulls of almonds and a bowl of strawberries

-supplements- 4 Flameout tabs, a baby aspirin, and two multivitamins.

well, have i earned the right to be as fat as i am?


Heavy, what are your goals? And would you like some help putting your plan together?

If so, I need to know when you get up, when you go to bed, when you work out. I’d also need your weight for purposes of calculating protein requirements. Here’s a link to how I design a diet …


Would you like an easy diet where you can eat cheese and peanut butter and eggs and steak during the week and pancakes and spaghetti and rice, potatoes and bread on the weekends and the occasional pizza and beer? (grin)