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Critique My Diet


a little background first,
im 16, 135lbs, 5'8 and have been working out now about 2-3 months

I finished doing TBT and am now doing the superhero program.apart from weights i do soccer twice a week

My diet consists of:
BREAKFAST: 1 can of tuna, milk, weetabix, OR 3eggs, milk and weetabixs

AT school i have EITHER- 8 tuna mayo sandwiches (2 cans of tuna + 8 slices of bread)OR chicken breast (50g protein) with broccoli and 4 tuna mayo sandwhiches

then when i get home and i workout i dont have anything until after my workout, in my post workout shake i have- 3 eggs, 400ml of milk, honey, sugar, 1 banana..........is my shake good??????

IF I DONT WORKOUT i'll have a can of tuna with 1 1/2 cups of oats when i get home

then next is dinner which is whatever my mum cooks

after dinner i usually have some chicken (50grams of protein worth), and 1 1/5 cups of oats

thats what i usually have in a day.

btw im gonna start taking some creatine soon.

so what do you guys think? any improvements? anything wrong? etc

thanks alot


You eat tuna for breakfast?

\|/ 3Toes



More real food, fruit etc. By good and tuna sure its good for you etc but man eat something else.

Fats you need some good fats, fruit, more veggies, some Damn beef, variety.

Once again Goals?? would help us help you.


Yeah ditch the tuna.its gross. I know its cheap but it tastes like ass!


my goals are to put on as much mass as i can. i dont mind putting some fat on along the way


You've got no variety. Mix it up. Tuna and chicken are good but they're not the be all and end all for protein. Beef, pork, dairy and nuts. Aim for 6-9 servings of fruits and veggies a day. And add some VARIETY.

And brush up on your culinary math. 8 slices of bread and 2 cans of tuna only makes 4 sandwiches, not 8.

And drink a liter of milk with each meal.



i'm not sure but i think i read on here that u can't digest the protein in raw eggs


eat food.. . lots of food. ..


I think you were reading this article:


What I took away was that cooked eggs are safer and you can digest all the protein instead of some of it.

Instead of starting creatine soon, I would go buy a big tub of whey powder. Use that in your PWO shake instead of eggs.