Critique My Diet

Hi. I’m trying to build up lean mass without putting on too much fat. This is what I typically eat:

9:00 AM

apple or other fruit
whole wheat english muffin
2 eggs + 1 egg white
2 tsp margerine
1 c. yogurt



1 1/2 c. milk
2/3 c granola


turkey burger on whole wheat bun
1/3 c. avacado
1/2 c. cottage cheese
lite bottled frappacino


yogurt with berries and granola


protein energy bar

frozen south beach diet pizza or something with about 30 g. protein
some veggies

low carb bagel with 1/4 c. lite cream cheese
3 eggs (only 1 yolk)

I know the calories are about right since I gain a little less than a pound a week. I shoot for about 150 - 175 g. protein (I weigh 115 lb) and about 3600 -3800 calories.

What should I do to improve? Is it important to separate fat and carbs? I’ve read that on this site, but it is hard sometimes. I eat so often that I always have carbs in my blood stream.


OK all in all better than most of the world and if it works for you great. For me No. But I have to be fairly consisntant with my diet being an FFB

Important to seperate fats and carbs to a poin and individual. I do at most times except PWO wher3e I usually have a solid meal with a nic wack of Carbs from fruit etc and good fats walnut avacado. Mainly late in the day I drop the carbs.

To get to specifics.

Meal #1 I would drop the Muffin and go with oats or sweet potatoe.

#2 most granola is processed CRAP loaded with not needed fats. I would drop it for fruit, nuts, etc.

#3 I just dont generraly eat bread anymore at all. Just the occasional cheat meal. I would drop the bun for a better carb source that isnt so High GI. And the Frappacinno BLAA I would opt for Green tea, coffee,. Not a fan of wasted C/kals and sugared crap. I like food to much to waste my intake on one of those.

#4 Good

#5 granolla again this late in the day I would opt for nuts or maybe something like Nut butter on celery along side some Grow! for a good snack.

Energy bar Na

#6 SB pizzaa. Once again processed crap IMO I wopuld opt for some REAL food from whole sources. Steak etc. If I go for Pizza VERY rarely I would want REAL pizza.


This is the one I would change for SURE a damn bagle. Those things are Crap. Processed and offer you nothing but high GI empty K/Cals Not what you want pre bed time. the cream cheese and eggs are great. If you want carbs go for something that will stick with you like oats. I would go for a good fat and protein.

OK thats my take/opinion. Just what works for me,

Hope it helps,

dont eat margarine

Why not buy a large tub of whey protein?
That should help increase your protein intake to help aid and build your muscles