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Critique my diet

I’m a beginning competitive Olympic lifter and right now I weigh 87kg, hydrated and in shoes. I’ll be competing in the 85kg class at the end of June, so this is right where I want to be. My goals are to increase strength (obviously) while keeping my bodyweight constant. With that in mind, here is my diet plan:

8am - P+F: Cottage cheese, flax oil, 6 fish oil caps, maybe an apple or pear.

12pm - P+C: Chicken breast and large fruit salad, 4 fish oil caps.

4pm - P+F: milk, yogurt, or cottage cheese with mixed nuts, 4 fish oil caps.

7pm-8:30pm - training

8:31pm - post-workout shake (mixture of whey isolate and malto, with creatine)

10pm - P+C - chicken or lean beef with veggies and either dark whole rye bread or oatmeal.

11pm - P+F - eggs.

I haven’t listed calories or a P/C/F breakdown, since I feel the amounts will require some fine-tuning. I’m happy to experiment with this myself. I just want to make sure that I’m on the right track in terms of the general layout of the diet.

  1. 4 hours between meals is too long.
  2. Why on earth are you eating P+F upon waking (which probably has too many carbs from the cottage cheese, anyway), then going P+C after that?

I actually think your diet looks pretty sound. I suspect the reason why all your P+F’s are in the morning is because you train in the evening, so that’s fine, it’s probably not ideal but it’s fine. Personally though I’d remove the P+F at night and just end the evening with a P+C…unless you can widen the time gap between the two.

Ike- Is there really a big problem with using cottage cheese in your P+F’s? Some other people have been asking this question too, just how significant is the insulin spike from eating a few serving of cottage cheese? Is it enough of a spike to completely avoid in P+Fs? I’ve seen many people use cottage cheese in their P+F meals and from some old massive eating articles

Thanks for your comments, Ike and Chuckie T. I don’t feel that I need to eat any more frequently than every 4 hours during the day, especially since I pack a lot of meals into the post-workout period. I take your point about the order of my P+F and P+C meals early in the day, though. Here’s a revised diet. Any further comments are welcome.

8am - P+C: Oatmeal with cottage cheese and apple or pear.

12pm - P+F: Chicken breast with mixed nuts and fish oil caps.

4pm - P+F: milk, yogurt or cottage cheese with flax oil.

7pm-8:30pm - Training

8:31pm - Post-workout shake

10pm - P+C: Chicken, turkey, or lean beef with mixed veggies and either dark whole rye bread, beans, or oatmeal.

11pm - P+C: Cottage cheese and mixed nuts or flax oil.

The revised plan looks good.

Cottage cheese is acceptable for P+F meals.