Critique My Diet

Stats : 5’7, 70kg, 10-12% BF
Goals : Bulking, my maintenance is ~2400 cals

8.30am â?? 330ml orange juice, 2 slices wholemeal bread, butter, 3 eggs (scrambled), 1.5 scoops protein shake (68g carbs, 61g protein, 28g fat)
12 â?? Tuna tin in oil, 75g wholemeal pasta, 2 Tbsp mayo, sweetcorn. (66g carbs, 54g protein, 30g fat)
3.30pm â?? 200g chicken breast, 75g brown rice, 1/2 jar pataks korma sauce. (71g carbs, 53g protein, 18g fat)
4.30-6pm - workout
6pm - Protein shake + banana/dextrose? (20g protein, 25g carbs)
8pm â?? 50g wholemeal pasta, 250g beef steak mince, 1/2 jar dolmio bolognese sauce (60g carbs, 61g protein, 34g fat)

Altogether = 290g carbs, 250g protein, 110g fat = 3150 cals

Could you please critique this diet? Would dextrose be better than a banana postworkout?

Simple answer to that last question: Yes, it would be far better to have dextrose.

However, on the whole I’d try to get a hold of some quality Biotest supplements rather than whatever protein youre taking, especially with the amount of “protein shake” you’re taking

Your macro profile looks decent, though I would move your carbs closer to your workout and your fat more to the morning. So have a breakfast of mostly fat and protein, then increase the amount of carbs as you approach your workout, with the most coming after your workout. Also, reduce fat intake as you increase carbs