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Critique My Diet

Hey guys and gals,

Currently at 187lb and 6’1. In the third week of v diet and am pretty happy with results. Lost 8.8lbs and being about half way through the diet have been really researching the nutrition side of things. Want to be pretty well prepared when i finish, as i am really new to this nutritional eating thing it is a pretty steep learning curve (eg i knew nothing which is how i got into the shape i was in).

So i have been trying to put together some eating plans/ menus for myself as practice and was hoping someone out there would have a look at one to give me some pointers. Once finished the v diet i was hoping to go onto one of the split programs on the site( probably one of CT’s routines) With the goal of still getting leaner while gaining more muscle and have based the eating plan on the 100g carbs so i have mainly concentrated on carbs and protein. Weight is already pretty close to where i want to be but still carrying some fat.
So here is a one day menu for scrutiny.

3 eggs 888kj carbs 1.2g Protein 19g
1 slice toast 280kj carbs 12g protein 2.3g
Chilli sauce 40 kj carbs 2g
Bacon shortcut 100g 700kj Carbs3g protein 17g

1908kj Carbs 17,5g protein 40.9g

Chicken salad wrap.
One wholewheat wrap 300kj carb 13g protein 2.8g
Chicken 100g 385kj carb 5.8g protein 12.3 g
10g Cheese 140kj
1/2 carrot grated 50kj carb 3g protein -
1/4 Cucumber 45kj carb 2 protein 1g
50 g Lettuce 28kj
Masrerfood hot chilli sauce 40kj carb 2g
1 orange 259kj carbs 15.4g protien 1.3
1248Kj Carbs 33.8g Protein 19.5g

One can tuna 300kj Carbs 1g Protein 14.5g
8 rice crackers 271kj Carbs 12g Protein 1g

571kj carbs 13g Protein 15.5g

Steak large 1600kj Carbs 0 protein 64g
Green beans 1 cup 170kj carbs 10g protein 2.4g
2 Yellow Sqash 120kj carbs 4g protein 1.3g
11/2 cups salad 400kj carbs 6g protein 14g
1 green apple 450kj carbs 29g protein .6g
2290kj Carbs 49g Protein 82.9

Bedtime Shake
2 scoops 880kj Carbs 8g protein 40g
1 Tbls Nut butter 587kj
1500kj 8g carbs 40g protein

Daily Total
8130 kj Carbs 98g Protein 198.3

Had trouble making up the caloric count which is where i added the bacon. This is just my first attempt at something like this so any suggestions would be great as i really want to get better at this and be prepared for life post v diet.
Thanks in advance guys

I’d HIGHLY suggest looking into IF (intermittent fasting). I’m currently doing it, and i absolutely love it. Lots of articles/threads about it.