Critique My Diet

This is a table of my diet

-the numbers in the yellow boxes represent the calories from that food item
-the numbers in the red boxes represent the protein value of that food item
-prot stand for protein powder shake (1 in morning 1 post workout)
-values have been worked out to the best of my ability based on the labels of the products
-the bread is brown wholewheat bread
-there is sugar and milk in the tea

OK so as of right now i cant actually change any of the meals because they are all very low cost items to get me through the summer and I dont have a lot of money to spare. I know it is not an ideal bulking diet, but that being said this diet got me from 190LBS to 205LBS with minimal fat gain.

However, when I go back to college I get my loan so I will be able to make some changes, and it is for THEN that I am posting this.

Basically i’d like some ideas for replacing some of the meals with healither and cost effective alternatives and you guys are the experts so fire away! And please be constructive with the comments not insulting…i know im a noob and it needs a lot of work.

OK i f**ked up the pic, hopefully this works