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Critique My Diet/Workout

Hey guys,

I’ll be blunt. I used to be fat all my life, and i’ve been doing a LOT of reading and getting into shape and I was reading sooo much, and one day I stumbled across T-Nation. Then I read this article from CT about “Paralysis by Analysis”… then it started. I started hitting up the gym this september actually '06 regularly…

Starting: 166 lbs. 16% body fat
Now: 165 lbs. 12% bodyfat

(BTW i’m 6 1)

It’s weird because I was 170 at one point with about same body fat, then I dropped 5 lbs of muscle? All of a sudden? I haven’t lost any strength or anything… Weird.

I followed a clean diet of eating most of my carbs in the morning and after my work outs, eating fruits/veggies with every meal, tons of protein, and healthy fats. However, the week I took ‘off’ after 2 months of training I ended up eating a large pizza and drinking pretty much everyday… Yeah. Not a good idea… I know I know. Now i’ve changed it up a little after reading carb cycling and i’m in taking on average:

2500 calories.

As per CT’s bulking article, i’m getting to around 10% bodyfat then I want to start a clean bulk.

MY GOAL: To be around 180 lbs. of muscle by nov. 19th next year (b-day.) Or look like A-train… guy that CT trained lol.

So far though i’ve noticed i’ve lost fat, and gained muscle and i’m upping my strength… I guess these are the newb gains… i’m not complaining. I’m getting more veiny now too, i’m seeing VEINS in my legs… that actually makes me pretty happy 'cause i’ve had FAT chicken legs most my life.

On a ‘moderate’ carb day this is what my diet looks like:

Half a cup of oatmeal mixed with scoop of Whey
Egg whites cooked with some spices and turmeric: 20 grams of protein

Pre-workoutshake shake:
1 scoop of gatorade powder
1 scoop of whey

PWO shake:
2 scoops of gatorade powder
1 scoop of whey
3 grams of creatine
Some brown rice-15 grams of carbs

PWO meal:
Brown rice
Chicken breast

Meal 4, 5, 6:
5.5 oz of extra lean beef w/ olive oil
100 grams of veggies (most of the time broccoli)
Flameout (meal 6)
multi-vitamin *(meal 6)

Sometimes I throw in some salted cashews at the end for good fats and somewhat of a treat 'cause of the salt.

*Special multi, supposed to be split up.

Work out set-up:
Full body, 3 day split
Interval training twice a week
Abs three times a week*

Day 1
Bench Press
Bent rows
Hyper Extensions
Standing BB Military Press
Close Grip Lat Pulldown

Day 2
Pull ups
Close Grip Pulley Rows
Incline Press

Day 3
Front Squat
Seated DB military press
Wide Grip Lat Pulls
Stiff Legged Deadlifts
Decline Press
DB rows

3 sets of weighted hanging leg raises
Then Three sets of crunches on the swiss ball with medicine ball
And then side bridge x2

Week 1: 8x4
week 2: 5x5
week 3: 12x3
Week 8: off

Don’t train until failure.

I don’t think I had the neural pathways to handle deadlifts in the beginning so I just started off with the bar, but i’m doing it with 25 lbs. on each side plus a bar for about 5 reps… Yeah, i’m working on it :@

What do you guys think?

Question: I have been using 3 grams of creatine after every workout, but I have NEVER loaded creatine… I only use 3 grams as per David barr’s article, but i’m not sure if i should load or not? And is it a good idea to take creatine after interval training?

Yup looks pretty solid try it and see how it goes. I likthe exercise choices. You may want to re-read the paralysis bit you may be steppin in that direction again :slight_smile:

Oh creatine no need to load but hell; if you want it aint going to hurt.

Put your plan to action,

The 10% thing doesn’t apply to you. Eat! 10% body fat is a reasonable place for you to stay if you already have muscle, but you don’t. My god, did you read the article? The idea is that you should look good all year round; what exactly about a 6’1" man under 170 lbs looks good? It’s absolutely absurd that you would continue to stay in a hypocaloric state any longer.

Seriously, gradually up your calories (try Berardi’s “Massive Eating” or Thib’s “Carb Cycling Codex” for guidelines) and lift hard. Don’t even think about cutting again until you reach 200 lbs and can deadlift more than that body weight (preferably a lot more).

Honestly, don’t worry about that “former fat boy” crap. Losing fat is a hell of a lot easier than putting on muscle mass, even for guys like us.