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Critique My Diet/Workout

I posted my diet on here a couple weeks ago, and after listening to some advice I’ve tried to make some changes to my diet and workout routine. I’m currently 5’9, weigh 140 lbs, and am looking to gain around 10 to 15 lbs of muscle. A typical day of meals for me is:

9:00 am Breakfast-1 cup rolled oats, banana, apple, 1/2 cup blueberries, and a tablespoon of natural peanut butter

12:00 pm-A large salad, with assorted vegetables, and lean meat usually chicken, beef, etc.

2:30 pm Preworkout-Half a can of tuna

3:15 pm-Lift

4:30 pm Postworkout-Half a can of tuna

6:00 pm-Dinner, usually 10-12 ounces of some type of lean meat mixed into a large salad, a large portion of whatever vegetable usually corn, broccoli, green beans, grilled vegetables usually peppers, onions, and mushrooms, and a fruit salad with mixed berries and cantaloupe

8:00 pm- 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg

Workout: Monday-Chest/Tri’s
Saturday-5 to 6 miles steady state cardio

Let me know what you guys think, any feedback would be appreciated

This is my basic beginner workout. I liked it, I adopted it from Mike Gill, a professional lightweight strongman.

Warm up for 7 minutes on bike/treadmill (I ran because the bike was boring)and then stretch.

Day 1:
Bench for warm up
Bench for work
Dips for work
Shoulder Press/Military Press

Day 2:
Front Squat warm up
Front Squat
Dumbbell Straight Leg Dead-Lift
Seated Row

Day 3:
pull downs for warm up
Pull Ups
Bent over Row

Day 4:
Dumb Bell incline Bench Press
DB Seated Shoulder

Day 5:

It follows a 3 week cycle.
Week 1: 10-12 reps
Week 2: 7-10 reps
Week 3: 3-5 reps

Cycle 1: 120 sec rest between sets
Cycle 2: 90 sec rest between sets
Cycle 3: 60 sec rest between sets
Cycle 4: 180 sec between sets

As for diet: I would make it a whole can of Tuna pre workout. Make sure you add some additional fats, a glass of milk perhaps. I would also eat some spinach and broccili. It doesn’t look like you have enough Veg. Also, you should be taking fish oil with your 8pm meal.

Here is a good article with a sample day of meals:

Try and pattern your meals after those recommendations. OR just follow that plan until you become sick of it. The Chilli can be frozen and is very handy.

For other meal recommendations see the free sample from Gourmet Nutrition. http://www.gourmetnutrition.com/

A collection of health recipes will be key if you get bored of food. Sometimes, that is all it takes to cheat a diet.

EDIT: I forgot to mention. On Day 1 Day 3 and Day 4 do Interval Training after weight lifting. Day 2 and 5 do “ab work” if it is important to you. I normally do it between sets. Stretch again when completed. It should take an hour to 1.5 hours a day. It should be all you need.

I should ad that day 6 and 7 are rest days. However, on day 7 (sunday if you start on monday) try and do something recreational, play a sport or something. Participation in sport will be a big push for you to get stronger and faster. Also, depending on choice, it may be a good Cardio day.

Things you’re doing right

  1. Eating 5x/day
  2. Eating protein at every meal
  3. Eating breakfast
  4. Drinking lots of water (I’m just assuming here, because it often doesn’t get written down).

Things you could do better

  1. Throw in carbs post-workout (Think gatorade)
  2. Take fish oil (Fish oil is the ONLY supp I think beginners should take… it does wonders for everything you can think of).
  3. Eat more. You’re not gonna gain 15 lbs eating that. It’s a start, but at first glance, it’s probably close to 1800 kcal. You’ll need about twice that.

You uh… you didn’t describe your training, all you wrote was a body-part split. What exercises, rep-ranges, and number of sets were you looking to do?

For the record, I recommend this program: It’s got an incredible track record of success in putting on mass for young athletes, and it’ll get you strong to boot.

Starting Strength, by Mark Rippetoe.