Critique My Diet Please

Breakfast (8AM):

1.5 servings of oatmeal with frozen berries, 2% milk, a serving of milled flax seeds
Multi vitamin (a good one that dissolves)

Lunch (12PM):

Whole wheat sandwich w/ a bunch of sliced turkey/chicken, spinach, light miracle whip, mustard, full-fat cheese
2 full-fat cheese sticks
Mixed nuts
Frozen mixed veggies (broccoli, corn, carrots, peas, green beans)
2 Flameout & 4 cheap fish oil

Workout @ 5pm
1/2 serving of Surge & BCAA preworkout
full surving of Surge & BCAA PWO w/ Creatine

Dinner (7:30 or 8PM)
Chicken Breast or Breadless cheeseburger
Frozen mixed veggies
Cheese stick
2 Flameout & 4 cheap fish oil

ZMA and sometimes BCAA

July '06 I weighed 295. Through cardio and nutrition alone I dropped to 230 by July '07.

July '07 is when I found out I needed to be lifting, and adjusted my diet a bunch to actually have a good amount of protein. I’m now at 220 but no where near what I want to be in terms of body composition. Others are noticing though and I do get compliments on my new muscles, so apparently I am growing. I want to be 200-210, but with a hard body instead my current flab.

It’s probably fair to say that I’ve been in some form of caloric deficit (except for cheat days) for a long time now. I have gotten stronger since starting lifting, but not strong enough (of course).

I’m 22 and 6’2".

My supps:

BCAA (might not refill this bottle when I’m out, I’m in college and would rather get a bona fide staple like Flameout when funds are tight)
Fish oil
Multi Vitamin
TRIBEX (on the way, as an ex really fat kid and now semi fat kid who’s been on a caloric deficit for so long I imagine I did some damage in the T department)

Thanks for reading! Let me know what I need to improve.

The big hole in the afternoon(lunch-training) is the obvious one. Add a meal/snack in the middle. Also if your trying to get lean you would be better off reworking your entire diet to cut out a ton of the useless carbs in there and replace them with fat/protein. The diet looks like what I would be eating if I wanted to put on weight. Your body might be a lot different than mine but as a FFB also I find that <100g carbs/day(besides PWO Surge) coming entirely from green veggies along with a fat burning lifting routine works very well for me when I’m cutting.


Piggybacking off of PeterD I don’t even call my meals breakfast lunch and dinner to get out of that mindset. I just eat a small meal/shake every 2-3 hours. Especially lunch seemed pretty big I would split that into two meals, more caloric burning through the thermogenic effect of digestion and less of a caloric load at one time so less effect on insulin.

sliced turkey could be a little suspect.

cheese sticks and miracle whip…no idea what those are but how about mayonnaise and normal cheese?

anything that has miracle in the title is probably processed to high heaven, with go knows what in it.

check the info on these items, you might be taking in trans fats and other crappy chemicals, and if you are doing it daily, it can have an effect on your fat loss.

technically for a pure fat loss diet the fruit you have, whilst healthy, may not be ideal for a body recomp diet.
it anything, at least move the fruit into the post workout window exclusively. This way the insulin response will be helpful for repair and recovery.

also ive read that apples have cetain chemicals in them that help mop up free radicals - another good post workout effect.


dont go near corn and root veg, the root veg in particular are quite starchy and dont help with fat loss.

if in doubt, only eat greens

Changed it up a bit, lets hear it!

Oatmeal with berries, flax seed, 2% milk
BCAA & Multi vitamin

(here ends the carbs)

Bunless cheeseburger
cheese stick
some mixed nuts
2 Flameout, 4 cheap fish oil

some mixed nuts
beef jerky

chicken breast OR lean steak
2 Flameout, 4 cheap fish oil

some summer sausage w/ some delicious expensive cheese i bought last night

ZMA & BCAA before bed

This is a non training day, on a training day add in a half serving of Surge before training w/ a shitload of BCAA and then a full serving of Surge PWO w/ a shitload of BCAA.

Need more fruits and veggies (how and where)!!!