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Critique My Diet Please?


Employing a carb-cycling-type diet.. trying to shed some body fat

Age 22 male
Height 5'9
weight 200
bodyfat maybe 12%? idk

I basically have unlimited discipline, so whatever I need to do dietary-wise to get shredded (7% bf is goal), I can do it easily (just knowing exactly what to do has been the problem).

Macro breakdown by day

Super High:
Unlimited grams carbs from: brown rice, oatmeal, dextrose (peri-workout), and refried beans (no lard/added fat) usually ends up being around 800-1000grams (basically eating constantly throughout day to achieve this number).
250-300 grams Protein from: lean chicken breasts, lean red meat, whey
0 extra grams fat

500 grams carbs
250 grams protein
0 grams extra fat

250 grams carbs
275 grams protein
50 grams fat

0 grams carbs
300-325 grams protein
125 grams fat (fats come from eggs and EVOO)

Right now my split looks like

Sunday: Chest/Shoulders (HIGH)

Monday: off/HIIT 20min followed by 20min steady state cooldown (NONE)

Tuesday: off/Steady state 45 min (NONE)

Wednesday: Back Shoulders (SUPER-HIGH)

Thursday: Arms with 45min Steady State (later in day) (MEDIUM)

Friday: Legs 20min HIIT + 20min Steady state cooldown (later in day)(HIGH)

Saturday: off (NONE)


thanks a lot gents, really hoping to hear from Stu and BBB/other competitors


over 100 views not a reply..

ok nevermind, thanks for reading though


Not sure what you are asking? is it not working? If you have "unlimited discipline" then just go ahead and do it as described and reduces calories once you start to stagnate.

Personally I would not be able to have a SUPER HIGH carb day on a carb cycling program where you also have a high day and medium day.

If I went low carb all week and had a weekly big carb up - sure..


Your suppose to tell him how to get to 7% bodyfat, winkel, duh. Can't you read?



IMO, if your goal is to get 'shredded', I would do a more radical approach for a shorter period of time. While you will lose fat on this, you will be dieting for a very long time. I'd look into some of the 'faster' type fat loss solutions here on tnation in the articles, or check out Lyle McDonalds Rapid Fat Loss.

Not saying this won't work, I just don't see the point of doing a prolonged diet when you aren't doing a show when you could have pretty solid results utilizing a much shorter, more intense type of diet.


I thought McDonalds was bad for you.

Do you think that Lyle McDonalds Rapid Fat Loss is superior to the V-Diet and why?

Also bro - super shredded legs. Beast.


They're both very similar, and I would probably utilize, or recommend they be utilized by different people depending on your goals. I can speak to the benefits of the Category 1 11-13 day RFL stint, and I had great results. I was relatively lean when I started at 226-227 and probably dropped around 2-3 percent bodyfat in two weeks. I think that if you are trying to make a drastic change in a short period of time (11-14 days), RFL is great. I think the V-Diet is better for someone that is looking for a more long term solution and needs to lose more overall bodyfat/weight.

Just my brief thoughts...I think they're both effective though, and either way, it's not a very long time.


Seems like good fat loss for such a short period of time. Might consider it some day, I'm going with a more gentle recomping approach right now because I don't have a whole lot of muscle to waste! lol

Thanks for the info.


thanks a lot guys.

Ive decided to cut back on carbs a bit, keeping my high days around 500, med around 300 and low around 150.

gonna start doing fasted morning cardio once my clen and winstrol come in, and ill look into doing that RFL (I think the only way to do that without getting fucked up would be to be using aas, that's just me though).

i am definitely seeing results from what I have been doing though, suppose its just time to take the next step


please...some of us actually take this muscle-building stuff seriously