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Critique My Diet Please


Hey guys i am fairly new to this forum but have been lurking for a while. I started training seriously 1.5 months ago with starting strength. I put on 100 pounds on my squat, 40 on bench and 100 on deadlift. Extremely happy with my gains. I did get a little bored with SS and switched to WSB4SB3 which is pretty similar to SS with some assistance work. Before i started lifting i was extremely week and still am weak. I am a little embarrassed by my numbers but i will still tell you guys. Bench-80x5( never did 1 rep max on any of my lifts) squat-155x5 deadlift 115x8x3. I am 14 years of age and am a freshmen in high school. i am 5 ft 7 and weigh 151 pounds. i dont no my body fat right now but last time i checked t was 18 %. Mostly training to get stronger and better at lacrosse. SO here is my diet plan so far.

School days

700-1.5 cups of milk mixed with a spoon of all natural coco powder and 1 scoop of whey isolate.
1200- 6 oz of chicken, 2 burgers no bread just meat so i assume 10oz of beef, 1 chocolate milk, 1 whole milk( i think a cup of each so 16 oz in total), hot vegatables, hand full of nuts
after workout 2 scoop of whey isolate with water.
500- 3 eggs, 6 oz of some sort of meat with a shit load of peas or peas and a 15 oz steak.

800- 3 eggs, 6 oz of meat.
10- milk with coco and whey
12-usually 12 oz of meat with some vegies
3- nuts
7- usually steak and vegies.

i workout monday tuesday thursday sat.

Friday i dont get in my best nutrition because of friends houses and friday night football games etc. Saturday i get most of my food in but again i might stay the night at a friends house which limits my food options. Sunday i eat a lot and just rest. I will start to have lacrosse open field on sundays as well.

I take fish oil, bcaas, a multi v, and of coarse whey. Trying to get my parents to let me take creatine but they are on the " no honey creatine is like steriods and it will make you huge overnight" bandwagon so we will see. I am very grateful for learning all this good info from this site and know i am lifting and eating properly from the start. I am not looking to get a quick fix or get big bicepts. I understand that it is a long process and i am 100 percent dedicated to it.

Well any critique on my diet would be great. I do usually eat a potatoe on the weekend or something like that but i try to limit my carb intake in general. THanks in advance for any help


No comments?


Just so you don't get discouraged I will reply.

You are 14 YEARS OLD and have bean LIFTING FOR LESS THAN 2 MONTHS.

You don't need to critique anything.


READ ALL THE ARTICLES ON THIS SITE and experiment with your own lifting routine and diet.


Quick note: Saying Starting Strength is pretty similar to WS4SB3 is like saying pizza is similar to cheeseburgers because they're both cheese on top of other stuff. WS4SB3 is very different from Starting Strength, not that that's a bad thing. For an athlete, any of DeFranco's plans are a solid choice.

Just for reference, in these last six weeks, how much bodyweight have you gained?

At your age and experience level, there's no reason at all to even think about bodyfat percentage. Don't sweat it.

Overall, you're relatively low carb. There's no reason for that. As an athlete who's also lifting, your body needs, and will use, carbs. Don't try to purposely avoid them. I'd also like to see a better breakfast in the morning. Especially if you're not eating anything after 5pm, a small shake in the morning just won't do.

Don't stress out over a day or two of less-than-perfect eating. Again, at your age and experience, as long as you're lifting consistently and eating "good" more often than you're eating "bad", you'll do fine. If you want a Mountain Dew at the football game, have a Mountain Dew. If you take a chick out for pizza, have a slice or two. And then remember to bust your ass next time you're in the gym.

Creatine is 100% nothing like steroids, but that's an unfortunately common misunderstanding, especially from parents. But anyhow, you don't need creatine. You also don't need BCAAS. Between your whole food and your protein shakes, there's not much benefit to BCAAs by themselves.

A potato? A freaking potato? How the hell can you sit here and talk about wanting to get stronger and then admit you're eating a freaking potato? I see zero progress in your future. Sucks to be you, man.

I kid, of course. Like I said, there's no reason whatsoever to avoid carbs. You're active enough that you're definitely "earning" some carbs especially on the days you're lifting and practicing.


Jlone- I completely understand i am young and need to keeo it simple, so i will thanks for your input.

chris because i hate the quote function here i will do this

1- yes they are different but i just got a little bored with SS so as you said wsb4sb3 is geared for athletes and thats what im training for. I have gained about 6 pounds in the 6 weeks ive been lifting and most of it seems to be muscle. I look noticeable better in the mirror so im pumped about that. My waist has actually shrunk .25 inches but i dont really care about gaining fat because i have learned that muscle comes first and to get muscle you must eat surplus amounts.

That being said i do generally try to stay away from carbs because they dont sit well with my. WHen lax season comes i will obviously still lift and i will up the carbs.

  1. ya i dont really care that much but i saw other give their BF% so i thought id give a rough estimate.

3-i try to get in breakfest but it is hard with school. i just dont feel good in the morning because im tired and such so i will admit i bum breakfest. sometimes i eat an egg but i understand i must at least try to get some cals in.

4- Luckily im not much of a fan of pop or candy so i dont really have a problem with that. What i was refering to was not getting in my protein but its not to big of a deal. I try to eat some beaf jerky or something.

5-i feel you on that. I even get a lot of shit from my friend because they think" man dat protein powda is bad for u and dat creatine is liek steriods". I usually brush it off because its a pain explaining things to them. Now i do try to convince my mom and dad because i feel it will help but i am doing just fine without. ANd would you recommend me dropping the bcaa's or what?

6-you had me there for a second ahhaha. But yes i agree i could definitly get more carbs in and i will try.

One last question. when the season rolls around what kind of lifting should i do. Should i keep going hard on the written program or should i deload the weight? maybe just do the core lifts and drop the assistance work?

thanks for all your comments i really appreciate it. Sorry for my spelling as well i am a tad careless.


Okay, good. When your activity/practices pick up, you're definitely going to need to fuel those sessions, otherwise the lifting can actually be counterproductive.

Do you notice any certain types/sources of carbs bother your stomach (I'm presuming that's what you were saying. You kinda skipped a word or two). For example, some people find rice easier to digest than, say, oatmeal.

Gotcha. But even in that shake, you can toss in fruit, peanut butter, or other ingredients to bump up the calories quite a bit. Search around the site, there have been a ton of threads about how to make awesome shakes.

Yep, I'd say ditch them and save your money. From the whole food protein sources and the shakes, you're already getting plenty of amino acids, including the BCAAs, so taking them separately isn't really effective.

In-season, the priority is obviously on playing at your best in every game and practice, so lifting gets put on maintenance.

I definitely would not stick with WS4SB3 during the season. Generally a few lower volume sessions on days you don't have practice will be fine. Something like 10-15 total sets per workout (using low to moderate reps) should be enough to keep your strength up without sacrificing recovery time. So that'll obviously force you to cut out any extras and focus on the basics, which isn't a bad thing at all.


1- well i hate the taste of oatmeal. I love rice but it makes me bloated. I also like sweat potatoes but again same problem. Maybe i could take some sort of powder like Surge if it will decrease my bloat. Or should i stick with solid food?
2-Thanks will up the shake in the morning. Or at least try to.
3-Okay i will cut them cause i dont really see a difference with them. SHould i take some when i dont get my protein in because i heard they help preserve muscle?
4-Okay i was thinking a program like this. I have practice Mon-Fri with maybe a day off in between.

Day i have off so lets say Wednesday
warm up sets=3 or 4
3 sets of 5 work sets

warm up sets=4
1 set of 5 work sets
back extensions. 3x10

warm up sets=2
3 sets of 5 work sets
seated rows-3x10
DB shrugs-3x10
chin ups-3x5
pull ups-3x5
db curls-3x10

Would you recommend different and more effective assistance work or another program in general?


If only I had come here when I was 14, it would have saved me many unproductive years. And right off the bat you're getting advice from an article contributor.


I'd say try to find some kind of foods you can tolerate. This article might make some sense:
It talks about how different carb sources can affect your body.

You don't really need to. The human body's not as delicate as some people make it seem, so you're not going to start losing muscle if you go a few hours without eating. BCAAs would be more appropriate, for example, if a bodybuilder was prepping for a contest and cutting overall calories. Then they'd be a kind of muscle insurance.

That's still including a lot of non-essential exercises and not using limited gym time to the fullest. For example, Sunday would be lopsided and you'd be doing a bunch of work on one day which means it's that much more to recover from; There's no reason to do chins and pull-ups in the same session; And it doesn't really make sense to essentially train "just" lower body two days and leave upper body for one session.

Here's a template I've used for some in-season athletes:

Front squat 3x2-4
Close-grip flat bench press 3x2-4
Reverse-grip pulldown 3x4-6

Power clean and push press 3x1-3
Step-up 2x4-6
One-arm dumbbell row 3x6-8
Face pull with static 5-count hold 2x5

One-arm dumbbell high pull 3x2-4
Low incline dumbbell bench press 3x6-8
Dumbbell reverse lunge 2x6-8

You can obviously shift the days around to better suit your schedule, but keep one or two days rest between each session. Because they're so low volume, they'll be short workouts that you're probably not even used to. Walk into the gym, train for 30 minutes or so, go home. And boom goes the dynamite.

Another benefit of such brief workouts is that it's not that big of an issue of you have to lift and practice on the same day. Try to keep a few hours between the sessions and make sure you have a protein/carb shake when you lift, and it's definitely do-able.

The only thing with this template, in your particular situation, is that I'd want you 106% familiar with the exercises beforehand, otherwise you're asking for the kind of increased muscle soreness that happens whenever you learn new movements. But I think even the general idea of it should be useful.


1- great article really helped. Ill try to get some rice and potatoes in my diet. I do eat alot of veggies so i think ill be good with a potato or two.
2-okay then ill just drop um. makes sence.
3- i see what you mean i am not doing much assistance on leg days but a lot on arm days so ill scratch that. As for that workout i will give it a go when the season rolls around. Is it okay if i switch front squats with back squats because i am more confident in my form? And can i switch powercleans with deadlift because honestly i suck at clean? i understand some lift might be more beneficial then others so ill see what you have to say. Thanks for all these replies i really appreciate it!