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Critique My Diet/Meal Plan

This probably belongs in the beginner forums but since it’s specifically diet related I put it here.

I have an office job so I sit in a cube most of the day so I don’t really have meals but I tend to snack for ~8 hours. I’m not sure if that makes a difference.

My weekend diet had been cheat days or ‘normal’ eating however I’ve felt like crap lately when I eat out so my weekend diet has been more like my weekday diet lately just in meals with usually some sugar free jello or peanut butter and cool whip added.

Here’s a little background info:
Height: 6’
Weight: 183lbs

Lazy mans guide to stretching.
Complexes for fat loss workout every 2nd or 3rd day depending on how sore I am.
2x 30min walks 5 days a week(walk 2mi to work).
I normally try and incorporate deadlifts,cleans, presses, or dumbbell bench/dumbbell rows in a 8-5-3-1 configuration about 10-15min after I finish my complexes workout with as heavy a weight as I can handle.

<8% body fat(I have to be able to see all my abs by Xmas!)
prevent as much strength loss as possible

HOT-ROX Extreme 1 pill 2x daily
Creatine 5mg in morning on non workout days or 5mg after workout on lifting days
ZMA right before bed 3 pills
Fish oil 3 gelcaps 3x daily(sorry don’t have concentration handy)
Flax oil 1 gelcap 2x daily(sorry don’t have concentration handy)
Daily multivitamin when I get up

Ok here’s my typical weekday food schedule/meals in order:
1/2cup whole rolled oats
~60g blueberries or 1 banana
Fruit(lately it’s been pears)
Slim Jim Giant Slim(sucks but I have about 30 left to use up)
~175g raw broccoli
~100-125g meat(chicken breast or fish)
1oz Walnuts
1 apple
~100-125g meat(chicken breast or fish)
~175g raw vegetables(cauliflower or carrots)
~100-125g meat(chicken breast or fish)
~175g raw broccoli
1 EAS Vanilla shake(32g protein)
1 EAS Vanilla shake(32g protein) if I’m still hungry
**1 EAS Vanilla shake(32g protein)1/2 after stretch, rest during lifts
**2 scoops Surge PWO drink
**Metabolic Drive bar as PWO meal about an hour later
1 EAS Vanilla shake(32g protein)
1 serving Metamucil

** Indicates only eaten on workout days.

Unless I left something out this should add up to 1800-2300cal and 180-200g protein depending on the day and the variable size of my portions. Besides getting rid of the slim jims what am I missing/need to improve/add to get optimal results? I need to see the rest of my abs by xmas!

Thanks guys!


bro can you break that down into what you eat together for us as it is it looks like one pretty good sized meal.

Like if your just having say the oats and berries or banana

late in the day its awful damn heavy on protein supps maybe some real food Beef etc.


Sorry about that. Here’s how today went:

Wake up@ 7:30
HOT-ROX Extreme
1/2 cup Oatmeal
60g blueberries
Fish oil/flax oil

9:00 After walk to work (2mi/30min)
201g pear

1.4oz slim jim

27g Tilapia
100g Chicken breast

176g broccoli

112g Tilapia

258g cauliflower

1oz walnuts

176g apple
Fish oil
HOT-ROX Extreme

168g broccoli

112g Tilapia

6:00 After walk home(2mi/30min)
1 scoop Eas Protein shake

6:45-7:45 Complexes A workout + Deadlift(New PR Today!)
1 scoop eas Protein shake during workout

2 scoops Surge
5g Creatine

1 scoop eas protein(Hungry)
Fish oil/flax oil

*******Plan for the rest of the evening:
Rocky Road bar MMMmmmm
1 scoop eas + metamucil


As you can see it’s not 100% to my plan but it’s fairly close. I do tend to supplement real food with shakes in the evening. So should protein be more concentrated during a certain time of the day or spread evenly throughout the day?

I do tend to eat red meat pretty rarely these days so it couldn’t hurt to add it back in. Hopefully this is organized well enough to give you and idea of a typical day. Sorry I’m still pretty new to this.


well with as frequent as you at your pretty ok but you need a GOOD dose of protein in the morning first meal you have none.

Yhea get some lean beef, and try and get a complete protein source at every meal or with you eating every friggin hour at least a good whack every other from a complete source