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Critique My Diet (Log Included)


Hey guys...

I'm about 5'11, 250. Pretty fat but not morbidly obese or anything... but am really tired of being overweight and am trying to get this handled NOW.

My lifting experience is pretty basic. Up until last October, I had never touched a weight. I wrestled in high school and had a great record and never touched the weights. What a dumb idea. So last October I pick up "The Body You Want in the Time That You Have" by Myatt Murphy of Men's Health and "The Abs Diet" by Marc Zinczenko. I start lifting about six days a week with no cardio and clean up my diet. I notice my physique to start shaping up some. After a few months, I start taking a Creatine product (Cellucor's m5) and do some HIIT and notice my muscles are really starting to get bigger. After some ebbing and flowing due to the stresses of being a college student and trying to break 20 year's worth of bad habits, I start to get into the routine. Then this summer I go back home to Virginia and fuck it all up, go out every night (I had just turned 21) and piss away all those gains I worked so hard for.

So now it is a new semester. I'm back at school. Almost the day I got back down here I cleaned up my diet and started hitting the gym. I'm really serious about it this year and want to do this as efficiently as possible so I started a daily exercise and food log.

Well... it's only been 7 days but I figure that's enough info to kinda work with but not so little that I just end up sounding like another guy with big plans and no intentions of fulfilling them. So here is everything I have consumed over the past 7 days in all its brutal honesty. My ultimate goal here is to lose tons of fat (obviously) and pack on tons of muscle (obviously). I'd like to see myself in the 190-210lb range within a few years with great muscle definition. Is that a realistic goal?

So anyways... here it is. I'm a tough guy. Be honest.

August 28

8am - Total Cereal with .75 scoop Whey protein sprinkled on top, Skim Milk, Banana
10am - Water + 1 creatine pill (.5 rec dosage) + Mega Men + 3 Flaxseed
11am - Turkey + Cheese + Tabasco on Whole Wheat, Fat Free Cottage Cheese, Glass of skim milk
115 - Diet Coke
145 - 1.75 Scoops Whey Protein + 1.5 cups Skim Milk, 4 Creatine pills (.5 rec dosage)
230 - 320 - Gym (Shoulders/Arms + Abs)
515 - 1 Miller Lite
600 - Tuna Salad on Whole Wheat Pita + Tabasco, Fat Free Cottage Cheese
930 - Turkey + Cheese + Tabasco on Whole Wheat + Diet Coke
1am - 1 Miller Lite

Notes: Noticed myself being extremely hungry around 9:00pm which is somewhat unusual. Horribly sore from previous day's chest workout + today's shoulder workout. Whole upper body in pain.

August 29

745am - 3 Flaxseed Oils + 1 Creatine + 1 MegaMen
8am - 2 scoops whey protein + 1 tsp Chunky PB + 1 Banana + 2 heaping tsp flax seeds ~1 cup skim milk
1130am - Turkey + Cheese + Tabasco on whole wheat + Diet Coke
140pm - banana + diet coke
330-4 - 5 Pineapple Halve Slices, 1 Banana, 2 Spinach Salads,
7 - Fat Free Cottage Cheese + Turkey, Whole Wheat & Tabasco + Tall cup of Skim Milk
8-10 NAP (Muscles feel slightly better after nap)
1130 - Two slices of Pineapple + Diet Coke

Notes: Chest/Shoulders in even worse pain than before. Almost unable to move. Muscular soreness. No lifting. Too painful to even move. Did 12 basic squats around 1:00pm without any weights to get minor leg exercise.

August 30

10am - 2 scoops whey + 1 tsp PB + 1 Banana + Skim Milk + 3 Flaxseed Oil Pills, 1 MegaMen, 2 Creatine (100% dosage)
120pm - 1 can of tuna, 2 tsp sweet relish, 1 tsp mayo on Whole Wheat Pita, Cottage Cheese, Spinach Salad with Raspberry Bliss dressing (Low Cal, No Fat) + Diet Coke (can)
4pm - 1 scoop whey protein + ~2 tsp flaxseeds + skim milk
525 - (8) Creatine pills (full dosage)
610-7 - GYM
730 - Spinach Salad with Raspberry Bliss dressing, 1/2 Chicken breast cooked underneath two pineapple slices on Foreman Grill on Two pieces of Whole Wheat bread + 1 Pineapple slice + Tabasco, Fat Free Cottage Cheese, Fat Free Yogurt, 1.5 Dixie cups skim milk
12am - .5 chicken breast w/ ketchup + tabasco, Fat free cottage cheese
250am - 2 scoop whey protein, skim milk, 2 tsp PB, 1 banana

Notes: Soreness starting to fade. Numbers at gym weren�??t what they should be. Felt weak and sore when lifting.

August 31

840: 8oz milk, 1 banana, 4 creatine pills
12: 1 apple
1230: Spinach salad with raspberry bliss dressing + 2 scoops whey, 1 cup milk, 1 tbsp flaxseeds, 1 cup yogurt, 2 pineapple slices (huge shake)
145: 8 creatine pills
250 to 415: GYM
515: Spinach Salad w/ raspberry bliss dressing + 1 whole chicken breast with ketchup and Tabasco, 1 cup of milk, 1 diet coke
Friday Night: 2 Sailor Jerry Rum & Diet Cokes, 3 beers
1 banana, 1 chicken, cheese, Tabasco, wholewheat sandwich all consumed at various times throughout the night
Smoked cigarettes really late into the night then didn�??t sleep at all

September 1

5am: McDonalds McChicken (2) and Sweet Tea
130pm: Fried Conchs at Gainesville Ale House + 1 glass Red Wine + 1 shot Patron
830pm: Zaxbys 5pc Buffalo Fingers and Crinkle Fries + Sweet Tea

Note: Opening day of Gator football season. Kegs 'N Eggs party at friend's house. Drank beer all day beginning at 7am and didn�??t sleep the night before. Also drank rum, wine, champagne & tequila. Stopped drinking by 4:00pm-ish.

September 2

1030am: 1 banana + 2 scoops whey & Skim Milk
108pm: 8 creatine pills
130: Car broke. Fixed it, then left. Then found out gym closed for some reason. No gym today. Bummer.
230pm: deli chicken + cheese + Tabasco sandwich, milk + 1 banana
430pm: deli chicken + Cheese + Tabasco sandwich, milk + 1 banana
900pm: 2 pineapple slices, 2 scoops whey, skim milk, flaxseeds + 1 apple + 1 Success single serving whole-grain rice bowl
1030: ~8oz of Coke Icee at movies
1230am: 1 pickle, 1 serving deli chicken, ~.5 servings yogurt, milk

September 3 (Day 7)

11am: 2 scoops whey + uncooked oatmeal + flax seeds + milk
1215pm: 3 creatine pills (ran out) + 1 MegaMen + 3 Flaxseed Oils
230pm: .5 big cans of tuna + 1.5 forks of mayo + 2 forks relish on whole wheat pita
400pm: 2 pineapple slices
545: 2 scoops whey + milk + oatmeal + flax seeds
810: 1/2 baked chicken breast + mashed potatoes (Roommates girlfriend cooked dinner.)
1230pm: other half of big can of tuna salad
3am: bowl of raisin bran


Any insight?

Am I eating properly post-workout? Is eating late into the night really that bad even if it is healthy?

No one even wants to joke me for starting drinking at 7am on Saturday? :wink:




Look up the Anabolic Diet and read it.

Or do a bit of research about carbohydrates, insulin, and the general populace from nutrition experts. Then you'll be able to answer why, frankly, your diet just sucks.


more protein..less carbs...

read some of the really good articles that this site provides


I agree add more protein an cut out the coke an beer they'll set you back.I'd e check out the book "game over" as well might help you out.If not what your looking for check out the diets on here.Good luck.


You're eating too much wheat bread. Read the package, one of the main ingredients is sugar (or corn syrup). Either switch to a sugarless bread like Ezekiel, or stop eating it.

There are basically ten things you need to do to lose weight:

Food (quantity, quality, timing, protein, water, supplements, log)
Workout (lift weights, cardio)

You need to do all 10 with at least 90% compliance to succeed.