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Critique My Diet and Workout Plan


I’m currently 27 years old, 5’5’’ 160lbs and looking to get back into lifting and eating right. I’m right around 16% BF. Before my efforts have been haphazard and I finally decided to take the time to really plan out my diet and training.

Instead of trying to figure everything out by myself but I;m feeling overwhelmed with the wealth of info on this site and just want help with the basics.

Calories / Fat / Carb / Protein
Grow! shake (1 cup milk and 2 eggs) 620 / 21 / 43 / 62
5 eggs with cheese and 2 pieces bread 770 / 47 / 80 / 55
6 oz chicken, 1/2 cup brwn rice, 1 cup broccoli 315 / 12 / 24 / 30
pb and j sandwich 410 / 17.5 / 40 / 11
6 oz steak with 1/2 avocado 630 / 47 / 8 / 45
1/4 cup almonds 200 / 18 / 8 / 8
2 cups milk 320 / 16 / 26 / 16
1 can tuna 150 / 1.5 / 0 / 32
Spinach, lettuce, tomato salad. negligible
orange, apple 130 / 0 / 34 / 0
Total: 3545 / 180 / 263 / 259

-Surge to be taken in place of protein shake post workout with 2 eggs and 1 cup milk.
-over a gallon of water per day
-8 hours sleep
-no alcohol

Need help as far as when to eat what when or how to break things up during the day.

Work out plan:

Day 1

dumbbell flat bench
Pull ups

Inclined Dumbbell bench
Bent over Row

Standing Military Dumbell press

barbell curl
cable tricep press downs

Day 2 off

Day 3

Front squats
Dumbbell shrugs
Back squats
Good mornings

Day 4 off.


*All lifts are preformed for 3 sets and 8-10 reps.

Supplements: Flameout, multivitamin, creatine, Alpha Male, Grow!, and Surge (post work out)

Goals: Gain mass and strength. I’m ok with gaining some fat as I put on weight but I would like to keep it to a minimum.

I know this is a long post-any advice is interested!


Are there any specific reasons that you’re doing a 2 day split and not doing a full week split breaking down the body instead of just grouping everything together?

It doesn’t seem all that balanced to me.

This way I can limit my workout times to around an hour and really focus on intensity. It may not be the best way but it seems to work well for the short month I’ve been back to the gym. I wanted to break things up even more and have body specific days: chest/back, arms/tricep, leg day but I was told I wasn’t advanced enough yet.

I’d say that you should atleast do a 3 day split.

Something like push/pull/legs. You could do this mon-sat and take sunday off.

That’d be better than what you’re doing in my opinion. You’re not getting the variation needed.

Can you only train 3 days a week or something?

I think your exercise variation is decent, but you’re going to miss a bit of stuff and/or not do enough.

It really looks like your trying to clump too much stuff together.

I’m not sure how strong you are but you said you want to focus on intensity.

Doing intense sets of deads, squats, GMs AND front squats on the same day would fry you to bits even if you have 5 days off a week.

I agree with making a 3 day split if possible.

I mean come on even P90x has 3 resistance days!

Sounds good. How would you guys recommend constructing a 3 day split allowing enough time for recovery? I’m having trouble putting it together.


It shouldn’t be much different than what you have already, just add an extra day before repeating. So it could look like this, if you were lifting 6 times a week:

Day 1- Push
Day 2- Pull
Day 3- Legs
Day 4- Push
Day 5- Pull
Day 6- Legs
Day 7- Off

Or, if you wanted more off days, you could go with:

Day 1- Push
Day 2- Pull
Day 3- Off
Day 4- Legs
Day 5- Push
Day 6- Off
Day 7- Pull
Day 8- Legs
Day 9- Off

Or make it easier:
Day 1- Push
Day 2- Off
Day 3- Pull
Day 4- Off
Day 5- Legs
Day 6- Off
Day 7- Off
Repeat. Although, I don’t think this is enough in a week, especially as a beginner.

I’m near where you are, and when I stared it looked much closer to the first split, 6 on 1 off repeat. It worked really well for me because as a beginner we can’t really destroy ourselves enough to need a week off between body parts. Plus, I had plenty of time and rest available. It’s all up to your schedule and motivation. Pick one and stick with it for a month, if you feel totally burnt then ease up, if it works stick with it. Sorry for the crazy long post. Good luck, man.

Sorry for my ignorance, but what constitutes a “pull” and a “push” excercise. I’m assuming that a bench press, millitary press, dips are push excercises and pullups, deads, curls are pulls. So do I take all of the push movements and do them one day and the pull movements another regardless of the body part being targeted?

Push = Chest, shoulders, and triceps
Pull = Back, biceps, (optional) forearms
Legs = Legs

Cool, thanks. Deads and goodmornings on the same day as back?

I’d say goodmornings on same day as back.

You could get away with doing deads on legs day if your pull workout was too long. It’s more of back workout than a leg workout, but it does work the crap outta your hammies.

Awesome, thanks for the advice guys!