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Critique My Diet and Macros?

Hi, I’ve been working out seriously for 3 months now and I’ve been keeping a food log for a few weeks - I’ve read most of the nutrition top 30 articles and try and implement them. I’m very happy with my training since i have a very knowledgable friend who helps me out with programs etc…
Anyhow, i was wondering if you guys could give me your thoughts on my diet, and on my macros. Here is a typical day (all meals 2.5-3 hours apart. Also, i’m not sure how to do macros correctly, so all are in form cals/protein/carbs/fat):

Breakfast (10 am - it’s the vacation, ok? lol): 45g Oats with 100g prunes and 50g whey + green tea (i drink 3-5 cups a day) and 2 CNP pro-lean caps. 600/47/64/4

Lunch: 1 can tuna, 10ml fish oil, 50g lowfat cheese. + lots of fresh no carby veggies. 2 more pro-leans 410/45/0/20

afternoon meal: 200g lean ham, 10ml extra virgin olive oil. + same type of veggies (tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber…) 340/40/3/20

Dinner: 120g frozen salmon fillet, 150g 2% cottage cheese. usual veggies.

Last meal: 4 egg whites + 1 yolk fried in a little olive oil, 50g cheese, 50g ham.

so totals for that day are:


That was non worckout btw. I have a CNP pro recover after workouts (Surge and HOT-ROX cost about 3 times what they do in the us over here in the uk, otherwise i’d deffinatly use them…)

normally my cals are in the range of 1700-2000, protein 190-230, carbs 60-100 and fat 50-80.

How am i doing? i’m 18, 6’2, 196 lbs and have gone from 20% bf to under 15% with no weight change in the last few months (i’d lost about 80lbs last year - not healthily - i didn’t know!). My goal is to get sub-10% bf.


I can tell you that if you’ve gone from 20 to 15 percent bf staying at the same weight, your diet is working. I don’t even need to look at your macros.

Ask this question again when your progress stops.