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Critique my Deadlift

Theese felt fine while doing them but I noticed that at a few points I have a bit of roundness in my back. I could just be being nitpicky however. I also forget to brace properly quite often, could contribute to this.

Go forth and train, till thou looketh like thou hoist.

Maybe film with something better than a potato.

Watch Andy Bolton. This clip alone is responsible for fixing my form in the conventional deadlift.

And PLEASE get rid of the “cross training” shoes. Get something with a thin, flat sole:
Deadlift slippers, ballet slippers, crossfit shoes, chucks, water shoes etc

The major problem I see is that you’re too far forward and lifting off the balls of your feet instead of either the center of the foot or the heel (per Bolton). Your shins should be close to vertical at the start. A deadlift is NOT a squat with the bar in the hands.

  • As mentioned by @jbackos, you’re starting the lift with the bar too far away from your shins
  • Your shins are not perpendicular to the floor causing you to have to lift the bar in an arc away from body instead of up/back into your body
    • That probably causes some of the back rounding
    • You want bar over middle of foot when you start the pull (again, see video linked by @jbackos)

Check out the resources linked and you should have some great points to work on your technique

Good on you for looking for advice. Hopefully you find it useful.

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I used to set up 1.5 inches away from the bar like many teach until I came aross the Bolton clip. When the weight is really heavy, I’m now almost touching the bar wth the shins vertical. The hips are a bit high but once you lean back onto the heels the hams and glutes get loaded big time and the weight seems to float up. If you watch Bolton do speed pulls he falls backwards after lockout because he sits back so far on the heels. I feel that this technique tip was worth 5% on its own.


@cdmac24 @jbackos @Unk0wn thanks for the tips videos, and articles. I look forward to using them to improve my Deadlift. Also would doing it barefoot work? I don’t have any good shoes and don’t have time to get them before the next time I deadlift

@ben.moyer567 - Yes, barefoot works great to keep your feet planted to the floor and not squishing around like they do in cross training and/or running shoes.

Definitely barefoot.

Also to add something more to what’s said, you’re pulling a little bit soft. Someone respectable in the iron game once said deadlift should be pulled with anger and aggression. Try to pull faster.


I’ll keep that in mind

First rule of deadlift - DO NOT attempt any weight if you are not 100% confident of making. Once you approach the bar don’t take too long setting up. Sometimes If my position is dead on, I’ll pull as soon as I grab the bar. Other times I’ll pump the hips and squeeze down into position, depending on feel.

Well I used to tips you guys told me today and I will say that from this position I feel like I have a lot more power. However, I noticed that towards the end of pretty much every set my shins would start pushing forward. This set was probably the worst of all of them. How could I fix this to make sure my shins are verticle every time

I’m not too sure about the vertical shins thing on conventional, that might be what Andy Bolton does and I’m sure it will work for some people but check this out. Skip to 0:30 for a side angle, pause it where the bar breaks the floor. He’s not Andy Bolton but 800x3 isn’t too bad.

I didn’t say anything earlier because there wasn’t anything left to be said, but this vertical shins thing will only work for people with particular leverages.

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