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Critique My Deadlift


Not sure if this is the right forum or not, but looking for some advice regarding my deadlift. Things I'm doing good, things I can improve on.


Doesn’t look like video came across


Weight doesnt look heavy enough to see any major deficiencies, but you are kind of over exaggerating your lockout


Way too much hyperextension; don’t pull your shoulders this far back while pushing your hips forward. You should end the movement standing straight.

You could try resetting the weight after each rep; just a suggestion, it’s not required.

You completely lose tension on the negative of your last rep; don’t do that.


I added more weight and shot new video. Seems like I decreased the hyperextension a bit, but looks like I can improve a little more on it. I still lose tension on negative of last rep, so I will work on that.