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Critique My Deadlift


I know my hips are lifting prematurely a good 3-4 inches before the bar breaks the ground..Other than that, does it looks like my setup is too far away from my center of gravity?

Other than that, it looks like my setup is too far away from my center of gravity?


It looks horrible. You are rounding your back a lot, it hurts watching. You need to lower your hip and keep your back straight. You are not using your legs at all now, they are almost locked out when you start the pull.

And you didn't finish the rep.


Yeah dude I hate to agree but your form is really not too good. You are lifting almost entirely with your lower back, letting it round a ton, using almost no legs and no hips at all because, as ahnz said, you didn't squeeze your hips through to finish the rep.

My advice is to drop the weight WAY back, like 50% of what you were using in that video. Work with the light weight for a while, like a couple months, focusing on pulling with perfect technique and speed. In order to figure out what perfect technique means, go watch as many videos of big deadlifts as you can, read articles, watch instructional videos, etc. you need to learn what a good deadlift looks like. Then, film yourself and keep your technique good, until you figure out what a good deadlift feels like. Then, drill that motor pattern, over and over, with lighter weight until you're proficient at it. Be patient and work hard, you are going to be a LOT weaker with good technique for a while, but don't let that frustrate you. Check your ego now, and you will get better in the long run. If you don't work on fixing your pull and keep pushing heavy though, injuries are right around the corner


Lower your ass down, that way you will use more legs and its safer for your back.


It will probably help if you widen your stance and drop your ass a little more to start the lift


That is what I call the cat position, think captain America instead. Keep that spine safe and neutral. I agree try a bit wider and butt lower. I've see guys move weight standing that tall, like a human crane, but not for very long. If your hips aren't flexible enough to get into proper position try pulling from blocks or in a rack or trap bar until you get a feel for it.


you are lifting with a wet noodle back, you need to lift with a stiff back, like a steel beam.

start with some hyper extensions and lots of ab work to stiffen up the trunk. work those glutes with lots of bridges. and well, get overall stronger. start with lighter weights, maintain form and go for volume to build up the musculature.

you could also try adding in swings. to work that hip hinge while maintaining a stiff spine.



What was with not locking the rep out? You just bail on the shit lift 3/4 of the way up.