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Critique My Cylce


Hey guys, I have been just reading all the useful info that u guys have to say. Now I registered and have a question? Here is my cycle that I have currently started, just wanted to know what u seasoned users thinks. It is a bulking cycle. 1st-4th week: test 500mg, androl 75mg 5th-12th week: test 750mg. I know that I will probably need to take clomid. I am currently 6'0 foot, 210lbs, around 10-12% BF. Here is my diet: between 3000-3500 cal, 350-400 grams of protein and 300 grams of carbs.


1) Which test ester?
2) I don't like the jump in test. If you're gonna run it at 750mg then just run it at that the entire cycle.
3) Change 12 to 8.
4) Erase the word "probably"; replace the word "clomid" with "nolvadex". You say you've already started this cycle and you aren't taking an anti-estrogen? Then you are already making a mistake and didn't read the useful info here carefully enough.
5) Up your calories.

1-3 are just suggestions based on personal preferences. 4 and 5 I think are mandatory.


You didn't read enough. If you aren't running nolva or arimidex in your cycle, then you are in def danger of gyno. Also, you weigh 210 and are on a bulker at 3000-3500 cals. Also you will definitely need clomid at the end of your cycle for PCT. When you start it will depend on the type of test you are running. Also I don't understand the jump in test from 500 to 750. I know for a fact you didn't get that advise from T-Nation. If you want to get the best results possible, next time you should ask for input before you start the cycle, not after. Good luck.


i'm guessing this is your 1st cycle.

-stick with 500 mg/week of test. i'm assuming its either enan, cyp or sust.
-cut your cycle down to 8 weeks from 12. you'll have your gains by then.
-learn about the half life of the test you are running and adjust your PCT start time accordingly.
-get some a-dex, or at the very least some nolva for during your cycle.
-yes you will need clomid. 3 weeks of PCT should be fine. keep it overly simple by running 100mg ED week 1, 50 mg ED for the following 2 weeks. add in a high quality test booster (you can purchase them from Biotest).


this is my second cycle, I am using test E. My first cycle was test/deca, and I didnt have no signs of gyno. Why is it that most people make a giant deal about using clomid or other products when not everyone gets a problem with gyno?


wow...i'm so glad my attempt to HELP YOU was received with ignorance.


Here's a plan, run that test with the drol and no anti-e and wait and see if you get gyno. If you do spend the thousands of dollars to get your tits cut out as opposed to the money on the anti-e. Then when the cycle is over and your hpta is fried from the test and anadrol see how much of your "bulk" you keep. The advice you were given comes from people with countless years of experience, it is to your benefit to listen to what they say.


do a search on nolvadex or clomid. gyno is only one thing that Anti-E's do for you. Also, Clomid is for PCT. What that means is that during your cycle your system will stop producing testosterone because it senses that it has enough. After you end your cycle, Clomid will jump start your system into producing testosterone again.

Nolvadex and Arimidex are the one's that prevent gyno. You take them during your cycle. They also do other good things for you, like minimizing water retention and making you look harder and keep a higher percentage of your gains.

But all this stuff is on the site and in considerably more detail than my little half-assed attempt at explaining them. Do searches, read, read, read. Nolvadex, Arimidex and Clomid will improve your overall experience not diminish it. They are just as important as the other stuff, don't overlook them. They will make your cycle better, not worse.



Why is it that guys with only one cycle under their belt think that people who have been in this game for years are making things up?