Critique My Cycle

Hey guys. Please check this out. I am 35 years old 5-11 and 220 lbs with around 12% bf. I am going to drop some fat and then hit the following cycle to try to gain 10 lbs of lbm with this 6 weeker:

Test Enanthate 550 mgs/wk with a 1g frontload
Tren 100 mgs/day
Dbol 50 mgs/day weeks 1-4

Arimidex throughout at .25 mgs.
Clomid post cycle for 30 days.

Will this hit my goals? How long after this cycle do I wait until I do a cutter with say Tren/Primo??

that looks pretty good bro. usually most guys would probabaly up the test dosage and maybe drop the d-bol and tren a little. for example:

test 1000mg per week
tren 75mg/ed
d-bol 30-40mg ed

I agree with P-Dawg on this one. Go with 750mg to 1g of the test per week, hit the Tren at 75mg ed and the d-bol looks ok. I wouldn’t worry about dropping any little bit of extra fat before you start though. 12% is pretty low and if you do it right you are probably going to gain a little bit more fat anyway.
Not sure if 6 weeks is long enough. IMO I’d shoot for 8. Take 4 weeks off then hit your cutting cycle.
Good luck bro!

I would have to agree with P-dog too, up the Test. If the Tren is @ 100ng dosing for 1cc, then do it and see how you react. Some find it too really affect CNS activity and can be agitating, especially when sleeping. Then you could just not fill the syringe “all the way up”. Also, the Dbol dosage can be veried depending on how you react to it. At 50mg ed you may get back cramps and high BP. Adjust it according to your tolerance. How long are you going for?

It’s a 6 weeker, but I might extend that to 8 based on the advised from the others.

Will .25 arimidex be enough or should I up it to .5 mg??

If you up the Test, and you should, then it would probably be wise to go .5mg ed

typical adex dosing is .5mgs/eod. start there and keep a couple boxes of nolva on hand. other than that, the advice the bro’s gave you above is good. it makes me smile to see the dosing these guys are suggesting. i am a believer in big cycles for big gains. at least for your early cycles. the gains get less and less as you go : ( but there is no reason not to cycle big each time. just take plenty of time off to recover.

“really affect CNS activity and can be agitating, especially when sleeping.”

jesus christ, you can say that again!!!
i slept 2 hours last night. i havent slept worth a shit since the first day of tren injections. im running it with sust.

I honestly think that anything lower than 750mgs of test per week is a waste. Unless your a newbie I wouldn’t even start that cycle. You would grow so much more and you would really be happier with the results. I think that the vets on this site will agree with what I said. As far as tren and d-bol I like what you are doing. However, I would do 5 weeks instead of 4 with d-bol. Good luck.

E Machine,

With the dbol, is it a half-life issue or something that makes you want me to extend it another week? I’ve always heard that dbol is a good way to “kick-start” a cycle.

dbol is a good kickstart. generally it is acceptable to run 17-aa’s up to 6 weeks and still be on the safe side