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Critique my cycle

Hey guys, a little background first. My family has a predisposition to male-pattern baldness. I’m 21 and I’ve already noticed a receding hairline (not noticable to anyone but me, just a little). So therefore I planned my cycle accordingly (no tren). I’m not too worried about 17-AAs but I find injection only less hassle than remembering daily pills. Right now, I am 6’3" 222lbs, 11% bf. My ultimate goal is 240, very lean. I have done 2 cycles in the past, and gotten great results. This cycle is a mass cycle intended to take home as much LBM as possible.

Week 1
Frontload 2000mg Enanthate
Eq 500mg
Week 2-6
1000mg Enanthate/week
500mg EQ/week

Throughout 2.5mg finasteride/day
Week 1-8 20mg Nolvadex/day
Week 8-11 100mg Clomid/day
Week 8-12 Tribex, M, Red Kat

One other quick question; is 20mg/day of Nolva enough for the androgens in this cycle or would .5mg Anastrozole be a better alternative?

Looks good although you might want to get things started a little more quickly by throwing in some d-bol for the first 4 weeks or so. BTW why no frontload on the EQ?

That’s a pretty heavy first week, and a lot of EQ to run if you want to save your hair - Finasteride won’t do anything to prevent hairloss from EQ, you need an anti-androgen for that – like spironolactane or flutamide (applied topically).

good question, is it totally necessaty to use a-dex if you have nolva and clomid?

arguably, adex, nolva, and clomid can all be used as an anti-e. it is just a matter of how well one works over the others. i find that anastrozole(adex) working as an aromatase inhibitor is the best of the three in this application. the other two allow the conversion but simply occupy the receptor giving the estrogen nothing to bind too. the only danger in adex being overdosing which would suppress estro levels too much. proper dosing is a must. as for your cycle i like it. i would frontload the eq and add dbol as enanthate and eq are both very slow acting and you will enjoy the quick start from the dbol. 4 weeks at 30mgs/ed should be sufficient. have fun!

Wideguy; dbol is bad for the hairline… :frowning: So I wouldn’t run it for that long. I might run it for 2 weeks at 25mg/day, but is 2 weeks really worth it?

Warhorse; yeah, man I think you’re right because boldenone has small affinity for the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, but I didn’t know that boldenone was know for hairloss??
Are spironolactane or flutamide prescription drug? I can get finasteride, but I don’t know where to get those others?

drago1; thanks for the advice. I think I may revise my cycle to:
1500mg enanthate/front
750mg eq/front
25mg dbol/day

week 2
1000mg enanthate/week
500mg equipoise/week
25mg dbol
and leave the rest as before.

I’d prefer the nolva. I don’t know if there’s a point at which estrogen levels get so high nolva can’t handle it and you need arimidex…? Plus estrogen is good for gains, and nolvadex would allow circulating estrogen right?
Not only is arimidex expensive, it’s terrible for HDL levels. Nolvadex seems better if possible.