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Critique my cycle

Hey gang. I want to gain 10 pounds of lbm while losing 10 pounds of fat. My stats are 5’11", 220 lbs at around 12%. I would like to be 220 lbs at around 8%. Here’s the 6 weeker I’m looking at:

Weeks 1-6 Primoteston 500 mgs/ wk with 1g first week preload
Weeks 1-6 Tren 75 mg ED
Weeks 1-6 Primobolan 500 mg/wk

Clomid starting two weeks after last inj. for 3 weeks. Nolva on hand.

Will I hit my goals or do I need anything else.

the cycle looks good. but, generally you will either lose bodyfat or gain muscle, not both. It is rare for one to do both, unless this is your first cycle and you have an amazing metabolism. I say pick what is most important to you and do that. Or diet down first, drop a good amount of bf, then jump on the cycle and add your 10lbs or more of muscle.

How the hell should we know? You posted a good cycle, but we know nothing about your discipline or your eating habits. With proper nutrition, you will hit your goals very easily with that stack.

Call me crazy but I think you could do it assuming you are very goal oriented. You would have to lose about 1.5 lbs of fat a week while building the same in muscle. Being that you are being supported anabolicly the muscle will not be a problem as long as you have enough protein in your diet to maintain it. I say you can if you are mentally prepared and willing. My first cycle I started at 25% bodyfat at 255 and ended at 240 15% bodyfat so it can be done but NOT recommended.

yes you have a good cycle. more then enough i would say. If you do a good diet you will be able to lose consistant bodyfat while keeping the muscle. Take some thermogenics while you are on. laters pk

Good point JT. I will probably diet down first and then hit it.

Will I need arimidex for this??

I would use arimedex anytime you use test, just to be safe. The dose depends on your body, .5mg eod at the least up to 1mg/ed. most likely .5mg ed will be fine.

jeff… yes you will need adex as the primoteston is a synthetic testosterone and will aromatize. i would rather see you diet down before beginning your cycle. if your bf is already too high and you dont follow an extremely strict diet it will only climb higher while on. pk did have a good solution though. maybe run 6 weeks of t3 combined with a clen/eca 2 on 2 off protocol. the t3 could inhibit muscle growth though. the best results will come if you diet down first then follow a reasonable diet while on. when i use t3 i usually run prop just to prevent atrophy so i wouldnt make t3 my first choice for you and your goals of growth.

Thanks to all.