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Critique My Cycle


I’m starting my first cycle, and I’d appreciate some feedback from more knowledgeable guys than myself.

I’m considering a Bill Roberts 2 Week On/4 Week Off cycle. I’ve posted a table of my compounds and dosages.

If you don’t think 2 week cycles are a good idea, then state exactly why beyond “time on is not enough to produce gains.” The goal is to minimize sides as much as possible and guarantee 100% HPTA function by cutting short the negative inhibition of the pituitary.


I’d use a different AI. Letro is only really of use when you’re running high doses IMO.


you’re going to run tren ace for your very first cycle? What brought you to the conclusion that this was a good idea?

Also, what are your goals? Are you performance oriented or physique oriented?


Physique. I want to minimize sides as much as possible and guarantee HPTA recovery. Hence the conservative cycle length.


Dbol and a 19 nor is kind of an old school method. Not Quite horrible because Dbol/Deca have been used in conjunction since the golden era. But modern times most cycles consist of a test base. If it were me, I would swap the Dbol out for Test. Either Test Ace or Test Prop since your doing 2 on 4 off. Also no need for nolva and clomid. Pick one or the other. IMO if your worried about shut down don’t run Tren. It’s pretty damn suppressive. Maybe swap it for Mast Prop. Or an oral such as Tbol.

Test P with Tbol would be a nice 2on 4off cycle

Sorry for my ramblings



No worries; I appreciate the info. I’ve been looking into Tbol, as it doesn’t aromatize.

I’m 19 by the way, and I’m just learning and planning my first cycles when I hit my 20’s.

What age would you recommend to start, and do you think there’s a lower chance of shutdown and HPTA disregulation with a 2 weeker, especially for a younger guy?


Honestly at 19-20 I’de stay natrual, eat like a madman and train like a savage. Put on as much size as humanly possible. Then when u hit your mid twenties you could start running cycles. Don’t mess with your HPTA at a young age.

My honest opinion



what sides do you think you’re minimizing by running tren ace, even for a short time? I would save this plan for a later cycle, and instead just run test and d bol. The mental sides of tren ace are very real, and start immediately. Just something I think you should strongly consider.

And I agree with others, I would use Adex instead of letro.


Thanks for the feedback. I put on 20 lbs this past year from just doing that. I’ll keep going until the gains stop.r


A lot of solid research suggests you’re not fully mature as far as HPTA goes until age 26 for most guys.

At 19 your natural test has never been higher, and never will be any higher. Best advice I can give you is to eat your ass off and train like crazy and try to stay natural for another 3-5 years. Otherwise you could be increasing your risk of needing TRT for the next 50-70 years of your life.

Yes a 2 week cycle is much less destructive in theory. Also much less productive.


Thanks for the advice. I just ran some raloxifene and letro to get rid of gyno, but I can’t stand the sides. I only ran the letro for a few days, but it crashed my E2 and now I have some estrogen rebound (about 5 days after, probably the drug has just cleared my system). How long will it take everything to stabilize? Will I feel alright in a week?


Letro is pretty strong and should only be used as a last resort. If you want to lower E2 without the rebound effect take a look at Aromasin (exemestane), as it is a suicide-type AI, meaning it permanently binds to and renders inert the aromatase it comes into contact with. Ralox is probably sufficient for your needs.

Hard to say but you should start feeling better within a week.