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Critique my Cycle


Before you critique this cycle, please keep in mind that I am running this one to get my feet wet, so to speak, and also MAINLY to keep hidden from my girl friend. I am doing this oral only cycle, and would like to get input, advice, etc.

I have lifted since high school, and have always been pretty muscular for the weight I am at, but just recently got serious about toying with my diet. I have a great diet, as I monitor/log all my macros and calories. I have GREAT discipline when it comes to diet, and I am very consistent.

I believe diet is key to any results, natural or enhanced. My work ethic is ridiculous, as I have even been accused of roiding (I know, I am little, but people are idiots) due to how intense I am in the gym.

I have gotten to the point where it is not as easy to gain muscle, and I just would like to try this cycle to see how it goes.

I have gained an immense amount of knowledge about nutrition and training over the years, but am still learning daily. I have been researching AAS for a good while now, and I am ready to try a cycle. My goals are not really high...if I were to gain 10 # LBM, I would be thrilled, as at my current build, I already appear rather large for my weight, considering I could lean out and look even better.

Here is what I have planned:

Turnibol / Anavar

Weeks 1-6: Turnibol @ 50-60 mg ED (I am still not sure about dosage and would like input)
Weeks 1-8: Anavar @ 40 mg ED (may up dosage depending on effects)

PCT: Nolvadex

I will/do supplement daily: Creatine, Multi, ALA, and BCAAs

From what I have gathered, I shouldn't need an AI. Are there any other suggestions for PCT?



For some reason, this has been posted twice. No idea why. I only clicked submit once. Plz to remove duplicate thread. Sorry...


Your stats are impressive!

Almost too good on second thoughts - I mean, i believe you i think, but it is something i have never seen in real life - 17" arms at 170lbs and 5'10" is something i have never seen.
I know what 170lbs look's like at 5'10" and it isn't too impressive, (muscular but lean with it) but with 17" arms.. i would love to see a pic, even by PM - not for proof, for interest of great physiques.

You wont explode on this cycle, and TBH your missus may not even notice a change.

Can i ask - what does your girl have against steroids - and is it well founded? I mean, the most common issue women have with men and Steroids is the change in personality that most guys cannot see, but is most definitely there.
Heightened aggression and competitiveness, confidence and cockiness (which all boil down to aggression technically) all put a lot of strain on a relationship if she knows you as a different person. Often this is noticed before the physique changes.
Also a wandering eye is very common of all men on cycles - and if it was wandering before, a wandering dick will be likely. Just a warning :wink:

Your cycle is fairly low androgen (in side effect) so may not be too troublesome, but i have not used tbol.

The doses are fine from what i see.. as is the cycle design. If i were to change it, i'd use 50mg Tbol and 60mg var.
I wouldn't run the cycle personally, but for a newbie and for a quality look to the muscle you already have it will be nice. i wouldn't expect much in the way of new muscle however.. certainly not 10lbs.

It will allow you to achieve a dryer, harder look to your existing muscle, especially in a low bodyfat physique - and 9% is fine.
It could allow you to get to 7% or 8% IMO, but you may struggle to get below that without more androgens to preserve the muscle (and possibly fat loss supps). Saying that, if 9% is relatively easy to achieve naturally, you may hit 6% with this cycle when coupled with the diet, the training, etc.

All in all a decent cycle.. lacking in injectables and low in results, high in cost.. scrap that, its shit.
With your supposed genetics you could be large.. fuck the woman off and get a gram of test and half a gram of tren in them there buttocks.



Thanks man....arms are not quite 17". Pictures of them never do them justice and I would have to break out a tape to prove they are as big as I say (which is tiny to me), haha. I actually think my arms are one of my weakpoints, especially my forearms.


And what is that? What do you expect to gain from it? 10lbs?


I havn't used Tbol myself. But when i was on anavar alone, my libido was way down after 2 weeks of usage, and my mood wasn't that good either. I think this boils down to lack of estrogen, and non existant natty test. So I reckon 5mg of dbol daily would be benificial, I think BR came up with this idea.


No, just to become dryer and gain a litle muscle in the process. I do not want to explode on this cycle, so from what I have read, I think I will probably achieve what I want.




? Haha, this is a thread on advice for my cycle. I also do not like to post pics in a thread about steroids, b/c I have pics on other boards posted, and do not want to be recognized.


Then link us to the other boards.




Good lord...I'll get pics up eventually. I mean this thread is about a cycle, and I appreciate the advice but I didn't want it to turn into a thread about my physique, haha. Especially compared to members on here I ain't nothing to brag about...


Haha. I guess myself as well as Brook here are interested in arm size to wt. to ht. ratios and whatnot. Also strength. You claim some impressive stats that ARE worth bragging about. I guess I am just jealous that you were able to hit 16.5-17 inch arms at a lower bodyweight than is to be expected.

For instance, my strength numbers are similar to yours but I am around 210 lbs, 5'10 5'11 TOPS, and am just sitting at a bit over 17inches flexed.

I would imagine though if you are not inflating your bench press numbers that you could indeed have large arms as it is very close to my own and I consider myself to be strong relative to my size.

Or another possibility that I find happens pretty often is that you are inflating your height. At 5'7 180 I see arms closer to 17 inches as more of a possibility.


Almost forgot the other possibility.

I know I guy who weighs 180 at 5'9 and has ~18inch arms, ripped to shreds. One thing worth noting is that he is missing his entire right leg.

Hey if you post pics measured or vids of you lifting I will eat my words. Like I said I am completely jealous so I am calling you out.


I will try to get measured pics soon, as I have none right now. As for lifting, I sent you pm of a link of me doing 365 on bench, and close gripping 315.


This is me. It is possible. And not difficult in my mind because I consider myself to have sub-par arms because of my hard time developing my triceps. /run on sentance


I agree.. and they wouldn't be weak at that number - likely look very respectable, not 'sub-par'.

However.. adding 2" or removing 2" makes a hell of a difference to stats.. someone with my stats at 2" taller would look average.. someone with my stats at 2" shorter would be a good competitor.

17" arms at 5'7" and 180lbs is do-able.. and not below average.. far from it (look at Bonez avatar). 17" arms at 5'9" and 180lbs is quite an achievement and lays the foundations for greatness... saying that, so do the lifting stats recently mentioned for that poster.. that bench is 2x bodyweight! That is a hell of a strength IME.

I am not disbelieving or hating - i just wanna see!!! I would also like to see the video?



Can we all see it ??


Strong lifting, you def look about 180 and generally smaller than I am yet putting up nearly the same weight, so congrats keep at it!


Nice one, a 2xbw bench is a real strength achievement IMO. Well done man!

Bence, is the form using full ROM etc? I assume so if you were impressed.