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Critique My Cycle


First time cycle

Week 1:30mg Epi/75mg Hdrol/CEL Cycle Assist 4 capsules
Week 2:30mg Epi/100mg Hdrol/CEL Cycle Assist 4 capsules
Week 3:30mg Epi/100mg Hdrol/CEL Cycle Assist 4 capsules
Week 4:30mg Epi/100mg Hdrol/CEL Cycle Assist 4 capsules
Week 5:100mg Hdrol/CEL Cycle Assist 4 capsules
Week 6:100mg Hdrol/CEL Cycle Assist 4 capsules
Week 7: Nolva 40mg
Week 8: Nolva 40mg
Week 9: Nolva 20mg
Week 10: Nolva 20mg


I would take out the Epi, Hdrol, CEL Cycle Assist, and Nolva. You should be good to go then!




I don't even know what those are? Did I miss something? We need a separate forum for pro hormones.


ok, your PH stack looks quite elaborate. Is there any particular reason for you to choose PH over real AAS? beside the legal issue, PH is just crap. It is not very effective, more harmful to your body, and it costs a lot of money. Since you obviously have plenty of nolvadex on hand. (I assume it is actually real Nolvadex, not some supplement named "Nolva","Dbol","Winnie-V" etc ) Why don't you run a basic oral AAS cycle instead?

Basic oral cycle:

week 1-6 Methandrostenolone 30mg/day + Tamoxifen 10mg/day
week 7-10 Tamoxifen 40/40/20/20

Oral stack

Week 1-6 Oxymetholone 50mg/day + Stanozolol 25mg/day
Week 7-10 Tamoxifen 40/40/20/20

Methandrostenolone is cheap and readily avaliable. It is surely better than any epistane out there.


methandrostenolone FTW


I've read up on Methandrostenolone and the only thing that worries me about running it alone, as you reccomended, is the fact that gains aren't easily retained after discontinuation. Is there another compound you would reccommend stacking this with to prevent the loss of gains? or is this an overblown issue?

I also am coming off of a 6 week keto diet and am looking to keep my current bf%(10%) and/or stay as lean as possible, other than stanozolol, does any steroid come to mind with the aforementioned goals in mind?



You aren't recommending a Dbol only cycle for 6 weeks are you??

Dbol + Anavar = Good cycle.
Dbol alone, not so much.

And about the Anadrol + Winstrol cycle. Doubled doses would be more productive.


Do you have an alternative reccomendation for the Dbol + Anavar cycle, as Anavar is pretty expensive.


Why are you in a steroids forum then.


If i may be so rude as to answer for you WHB - I would assume it is because he uses or has used AAS to some degree or another, and as such has some significant knowledge on the subject.

And in relation to the post he wrote - i can only assume that this was pointing out the fact that the compounds mentioned are weak in positive results, high in negative effects and terribly over-priced in comparison to the kind of hormonal products most posters here tend to favour.

Or maybe because the thread is called 'critique my cycle' and this would be the most constructive criticism available in this particular case?

Just a guess.. i dunno..



I can't decide who's funnier Brook or WHB. You guys rock.


I am just saying Dbol only is more productive and cost effective, compared to a PH cycle.
Why do you want you stack? DO you have to stack?


I dont need to stack. I just suggested a stack because I read that Dbol gains are very hard to maintain after dicontinuation. Is this a legitamite concern? or blown out of proportion?


It depend on how do you measure your gains. Dbol does give you quick mass gains, mostly from glycogen storage and intramuscular water retention. Your muscle will be bigger and stronger, but all of that is transient hypertrophy. Say you gained 20 pounds over a six week period, 18 of them water+glycogen, and 2lbs of solid tissue. Then you lose those 18 pounds after the cycle. Hence you lost "most of your gains". I will still be happy with 2 solid pounds of lean meat on my frame.


Let me say this. As BR has recently stated. A muscle doesn't know which
substance was used to help with nitrogen retention and hypertrophy.
That being said it is not that it's over blown but I suppose it's the
shape and rapid size you gain. Some authors would have you believe
that you are walking around with a 1/2 inch of water under your skin.
It just isn't so. I think alot of people are afraid of Dbol.
The same authors would have you believe that taking Dbol alone
is like taking pure estrogen. There is a right way to do it. Gyno
is a very real possibility with this little pill because it aromatizes
to a methyl estriadol which is pretty powerful. I'm sure some
pretty impressive physiques have been built on Dbol, but you have
to keep in mind the physique you see has been through a cutting
cycle afterwards.


The more i read about, and hear you guys talk about DBOL, it doesn't sound like the substance for me. I've always hovered around 15-18 percent body fat but just recently took up a keto diet for 6 weeks and am now the leanest i've ever been (185,10%bf) So taking something that sounds as if it will balloon me up in a short period of time isn't in my best interest IMO. Maintaining my newfound leanness to the best of my ability is my number one priority, with that in mind, what type of cycles would you guys suggest?

thank you for any suggestions


Bearing in mind you are 6'1" and i wouldn't suggest you run dbol only anyway.. you should know that with a moderate bodyfat level (10-12%) the effects from dianabol look fucking great.. very impressive indeed.

Just 30mg a day added to anything is the difference between night and day.

Cheap and effective, and when used fairly regularly - with other steroids, good food and with side effect control, then it is a very useful drug in becoming as big as possible.