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Critique my Cycle


Wk 1 500mg Test E 300mg Deca 75mg/Day test P
Wk2 40mgDBOL 500mg Test E 300mg Deca 50mg/Day Test P
Wk 3-4 40mg Dbol 500mg Test E 300mg Deca
Wk 5 30mg Dbol 500mg Test E 300mg Deca
Wk 6 20mg Dbol 500mg Test E 300Mg Deca
Wk 7 500mg Test E 200mg Deca
Wk 8-10 500mg Test E
Wk 11 250mg Test E
Wk 12-15 100mg
Wk 16 60mg Test E
Wk 17 40mg Test E
Wk 18 30mg Test E
Wk 19 20mg Test E
Arimidex will be ran 3 days before week one starts
Wk1-6 adex .5mg/EOD (start 3 days before first shot)
Wk7-10 adex .25mg/EOD
(will up if needed)
NOLVA is on hand as well as clomid (in case the adex dose is not sufficient for the first few weeks)
Still considering using a SERM in the test taper portion
*Question I have is, should I buy some Caber to keep on Hand for prolactin sides of the DECA. I know this is a smaller dose. My intuition says yes, but figured I would ask before buying.

Replace 300mg of Deca with 250mg Test
Basically would be 750mg/week testE with Dbol/Prop Kick start

The reason I offer the other option is because I am worried about recovery from the deca. I know they hype of deca dick and such is usually from those who do run deca on its own, but still I worry. Opinions?

Reasons for choosing compounds:
I chose to run a test P at the beginning of my cycle to help get the test in my system quicker. I wanted to run a dbol kick start, but did not want to lose out on the synergy of Class I/II compounds. SO I decided to run test P for the first two weeks to help with this. I added in the deca at last minute, and thus the hesitance on whether or not to just up my test dosage. I have read all about the 19-nors and they basically scare me lol. I know most of this comes from those who have run stupid cycles but still. I tapered the Dbol off the advice of a friend I have known many who suffer (not the right word) hard from stopping the DBOL at 40mg, but also I figured by the latter weeks less DBOL will be needed as the Deca and test would be fully in place.


Cycle History:
This will be my fourth cycle overall and third cycle in the last four years?
I first ran 250mg/week Sust for 12 weeks
Then 500mg/week Sust for 10 weeks ? My only recent one six months ago.

I chose sust then only because I did not have access to anything else. Yes in hindsight I understand my two cycles were stupid I wish I could go back and do 500/week for the first one then 500/week with prop or dbol kick start for second one.

I have been training for the better part of seven years but have been in bodybuilding training for three. I log my workouts and my diet every day. Don?t cheat on my diet don?t miss days in the gym. I am currently about 213lbs (211-215). I have 11% body fat according to a 3pt caliper test. Visually this seems valid as I have a sixpack that I don?t trust lol. Basically that bottom two can come or go depending on my days carb intake. I am a mere 5?9 with short arms so I look quite a bit larger than I am.

Diet on Cycle
My maintenance caloric intake is around 3200 (3284) calculated and empirically.
I decided I want to gain around three pounds a week until about week 10 so I am going to do 4784cal a day for those first four weeks. Re-examine my weight and BMR and then make adjustments accordingly.

My carbs are solely from black or kidney beans, brown rice, oatmeal, or whole wheat pasta. Every day I don?t cheat this is all I will be in taking. I also go through 2lb broccoli 2 bags spinach and a third vegetable each week ( I switch the third each week). Meat /Eggs compose my protein and most of my fat. Rest comes in olive oil/EFA/MCT oil shots.

I will be carb cycling on cycle using the following P/C/F ratios: 60-30-10, 70-20-10, and 40-40-20.
The second ratio will be used on my off day the first ratio will be used on four other days and the third ratio will be used on my leg day and powerlifting day.

M Back traps triceps
T chest Biceps shoulders
W OFF---Abs
Th Legs biceps forearms
F Back traps Shoulders
Sat Chest triceps Forearms
Sun Abs Powerlifting Day

If my recovery starts slacking I will cut back on my training but with the entire compounds/high caloric intake I am not too worried about it. I understand that my protein intake is very high but I figure I am on several different compounds that rapidly increase protein synthesis and thus will be able to utilize much more than the average man.
Final sidenote is that Milk Thistle, EFAs Beta alanine BCAAS WMS will be ran as well

I think this is everything, all advice will be appreciated = )


You seem to have a good head on your shoulders.

What i liked especially was the accurate caloric intake predictions. No 6000-7000kcals to gain here... :wink:

On second glance at the first post.. you are using a gram of test for both the first two weeks.. just saying - it'll work, but may be higher than you need yet... but you may know different.

The deca will be effective at 300mg/wk for 6 weeks (i have done it myself) but you wouldnt achieve peak blood levels till week 8 at one injection a week!
Simply frontloading the deca with 500mg then 150mg on week one(using 2 injects a week for deca and 2 for enanth) would give you peak blood levels from the first day of its use.. making the full 6 weeks fully productive.

I personally wouldnt bother with the prop. frontload the deca and test and use the dianabol for the kick (which gives the I/II synergy you wanted - and will get.

Wk1-10 250mg Test E 2x/wk (650mg first inj.)
Wk1-10 150mg Deca 2x/wk (500mg first inj.)
Wk1-6 10mg dbol 4x/day
PCT seems fine to me.

I can tell you that a SERM is recommended during the taper - i (used to) use it during stasis as well but this is 'controvertial' according to the original test taper thread, as the stasis is supposed to 'clear' the body of all unnatural drugs..

This way - with the frontload) the full level of drug is in place from the FIRST INJECTION. This means you get your synergy. 6 weeks of it actually.

First glance - good stuff, test, deca, dbol. my next cycle also... as of friday, and i shall be frontloading too.. :wink:


Hmm Ill be honest I did not even consider front loading- just when i thought i had covered all the bases!
Suggestions sound great, im guessing you would reccomend the dbol 40/day all six weeks instead of taperin down the last two weeks?
I should def pick up some caber then correct?
thanks for the advice!


Not necessarily. it may be preferred, but is by no means mandatory.


Wish i could answer the deca causing recovery problems... maybe ill know in a couple months = )


all depends on dose and duration. a long/high dose cycle of deca will shut you the fuck down. the op's dosage is moderate and should be very synergistic with the test with little to no problems.

to OP-
nice layout. your cycle is well prepared and you obviously know what your doing.
like brooks opinion on frontloading, this would help reach optimal levels for the duration.

and yes the prop would not be needed with the d-bol on hand. it will provide the quickstart very effectively

this will be a fun run.

good luck



Another option you may like is to kick start with the prop and add the d bol in at somewhere around the week 3-4 mark.


Actually a single injection of 100mg nandrolone will shut you the fuck down 100%.

But you will be shut down anyway by the test so... whats new? Well.. what i theorise is that it is the fact that the denanoate ester which is active a long arse time coupled with nandrolone being so effective at suppression (as little as a single 100mg injection causes 100% - so i am willing to bet 20-50mg causes significant suppression too), it can take much longer to recover.

According to the roid, if an 8 week 400mg cycle is completed (with a 670mg frontload causing peak levels immediately) then by week 13 there is still 25mg left... possibly being too high a level to begin PCT - but with PCT usually long completed by then and suppression still evident.. a guess. A guess.
However if IF this is the case, a stasis taper may be effective used at 6 weeks when deca is used.

ALSO the increase in prolactin is what i beleive to be the main causative factor of the more noticeable libido suppression during deca therapy (when i say deca, i obviously mean nandrolone decanoate) than in other non-DHT forming drugs (boldenone for eg..)
This also could be one of the reasons it feels like suppression can continue for 6 months or more on deca - due to the particular metabolites being present well upto 12-18months being at a high enough concentration still at 6 months to keep prolactin high enough to cause problems.

All this is educated/uneducated guessing, and i am waiting patiently (although knowing this site it shouldn't be long) for a more educated man to shoot these theories down!

Caber will be used by myself in the future knowing how i respond to deca having ran it several times and knowing that each time recovery becomes all the more elusive.



JJ I think youre on to something my belief of ND was that
ND readily re-esterifies. any drug that is detectable as long as deca is also due to have a relatively long residence time. Small amounts can remain for quite long. On top of that if you take into account that the product is androgenic, slightly progestagenic, and estrogenic via some aromatization, some effects directly via the ER and some of effects via the AR