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Critique My Cycle: Test-P, Dbol, PH


Planning on doing this cycle in a few months for summer cut, please tell me what you think of it as a cycle and if i can change anything!

week 1-6: test-p 500mg/week
week 1-5: Dbol 30mg/week
week 3-6: Mdrol 20mg/week -> (this is a maybe)
week 1-6: A-dex (0.25-0.5 a day)

PCT: (start straight after)
Nolva: 40/40/20/20
Clomid: 100/50/50/50

Background on me: 22, 5'11, 210lbs, below 10% fat, been training since i was 17, but properly since i was 18. My diet is near perfect (350-500g protein, only good carbs) Training for bodybuilding but include some powerlifting from time to time.

This cycle is going to be done AFTER i cut, im planning on doing 8 weeks of cutting with very low carbs, then do a carb up for a month to fill out....ill start this cycle during that carb up. Please let me know what you think of this cycle


DOse the test higher. 700mg is good for 6 weeks. Consider frontloading it by shooting 1g on the first day (or 500mg on the first two days if you dont care to inject 10ml in one day)

Obviously you meant 30mg of dbol per DAY, that's good.

Id drop the mdrol for this cycle.

Too much SERM for pct. I dont prefer to use both but if you do, frontload each on the firs day then run a lower dose through the rest of PCT.

Adjust the AI as needed if you increase the test.

Good luck


Thanks BONEZ! great response!