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Critique My Cycle Please

I am planning a bulking cycle. This will be my first cycle. I have been lifting for years. I am 5’-11", 240 lbs, and my bodyfat is a little high, around 20%.

The cycle will last for 5 weeks:
300mg/wk Durabolin (NPP)
300mg/wk Test Prop
50mg/ED Winstrol oral
Frontload the injectibles first week, inject every 3 days throughout.
Nolvadex during entire cycle, clomid last two weeks and then two months PCT of clomid and Alpha Male.
500iu HCG every Sat and Sun during cycle.
If I can get some Arimidex to use during, should I still take the Nolva?
I have read that for some reason, Winstrol Depot yields better results than the oral. Is this true? Would the dosing change? Are the winny injections as bad as a lot of people say?

Also, how long does mixed HCG really last in the fridge? I have found no definitive conclusion on this.

I appreciate any help the vets can give me.

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the prop and NPP should be shot at least EOD…IMO. other than that, it looks pretty decent.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
If you can get a’dex, use it and keep the nolva on hand but don’t run it unless you need to…

Is this yer first cycle? I quite like the look of it. Seems well thought out.

bushboy [/quote]

Yes, this is my first cycle. What do you mean “don’t run nolva unless I need to”? This may sound stupid, but how do I know if I need to? I guess maybe if I feel emotional.

If using nolva is not definite, how about trying to save a little money and using clomid with the arimidex if I need it? It’s a relatively short cycle and I will have extra clomid on hand. I have read from some people that clomid’s effects attenuate, but other sources say it’s okay for a year.

Thanks, bushboy and juice20jd. You guys are a big help.

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With your current bodyfat, I don’t think it would be wise to “bulk” at this time…Diet down to ~12% and then bulking sounds more reasonable…This way the weight you put on will be more in favor of LBM instead of fat…Otherwise you’ll be putting on muscle to fat in a 1:1 ratio. The drug combo is fine though.


I totally agree with Mike. You should drop the BF first and then bulk to gain LBM.