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Critique My Cycle Please!

Hey everyone,

I’ve posted here before and didn’t get much response. That was 3 - 6 months ago, I’ve done more research since then and would like your help with my first cycle.

I’ll be 22 when I start (21 now), been lifting on and off since I was 15/16. Trained seriously since I was 19 (seriously as in perfected diet and routine, never missed days etc).

200 lbs
Around 13% bodyfat

Planning to do;

Sustanon 250
Injecting 150mg EOD for 10 - 12 weeks (averages to 525mg a week)
(uncertain on whether to do 10 or 12 weeks)

ADex 0.25mg EOD for the duration of cycle (10 - 12 weeks)

-Wait 3 weeks-

Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

Any advice would be appreciated!

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Pretty good beginner cycle, though you should titrate the dose of arimidex, according to symptoms.

You may not need 0.5mg/day. But… you may need more. Play it by ear, in other words.

We can help with that (adjusting dose, based upon symptoms).

Good luck.


EDIT: and I would recommend 10 weeks over 12, but at a slightly higher dose.[/quote]

Thank you heaps for your input!

What doseage would you recommend? 600mg a week?
I’ve read that some people recommend around 750mg a week on the first cycle, just to make the most of the first time. But from what I’ve read (please correct me if I’m wrong), taking more than 500mg a week means there’s a significantly higher chance of side effects.