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Critique My Cycle or Die

my next cycle will look like this: test cypionate 250mg twice a week, tren 75mg EOD, d-bol 25mg 3 X a day
orals weeks 1-8
injectables weeks 1-12

i’m hoping to gain 25 lbs
and 50 on the bench
and 100 on the squat

i’m 23, 6’8 295lbs
bench 315 for 8 reps
squat 405 for 6 reps

this is my second cycle.
is this enough gear?
or should i add stuff like eq?
thanks for any critique.

so, a total of 75mg/day of dbol? what was your first cycle?

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75mg tren a day @ $200 a 10ml bottle makes 120 days will cost me 200X12 =2400 o my god i can’t affort that maybe half… maybe someone can pm me a source. or… from now on i will accept donations in forms of gear or cash. looks like I’ll be selling drugs on x-mas…yay!

You running tren enth or tren ace? If it’s tren enth, you can take it twice a week with the test. If it’s tren ace, ED pokes.

I would say 75mg/ed of dbol is a little much, even for someone your size, 50mg/ed would be better.

You didn’t mention PCT, which is bad. However I’d run the test a bit higher, maybe 750mg/wk, and 500mg/wk tren. Combine that with the dbol you should BLOW UP if you eat right.

You need to post a pic bro, I wonder what 300lbs looks like on someone your height. I’m also curious as to how it would compare to me!


$200 bucks a bottle is stupid bro. What kind is it?


Plenty of gear for starters.I think the test with the dianabol alone is plenty of gear but that is just me.I would just pin the test once a week @ 500 mg.Just more pins to do it the other way. Hell, that is just me.

Get Swole,