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Critique my Cutting Diet


Hi I hoping I could get some recommendations on my cutting diet. I'm heading off on holiday on September 8th and I've been slowly dropping a little bit of fat (Im pretty lean already - probably about 12/12%) just want to really get sub 10% in the next 3/4 weeks if possible.

Meal 1 - Porridge with organic blueberries mixed in, 1 tsp of Reduced Sugar Raspberry Jam. Protein Shake.

Meal 2 - Protein Shake

Meal 3 - Chicken/Fish and Broccoli

Meal 4 - Protein shake and Apple, handful of almonds

Post Workout Shake

Meal 5 - Chicken/Steak + Wholegrain pasta, salad/Broccoli

Meal 6 - Protein Shake

Im also taking creatine, 4 omega 3 tablets per day, L-Gluatime.

What changes should I look to make, and should I get a fat-stripper of any sort ? Cheers for any advice.


You are a fucking idiot. Just by reading your post I know you will fail. Missing information such as weight, height, exercise routine, macro nutrients, calories tells me you lack the initiative to succeed. Next time you want help post all the pertinent facts so we don't have to waste time guessing what the fuck you are talking about.


Im 6" and 172lbs, my current routine is a 5 day split - from full bodies in an attempt to raise my basal metabolic rate. I might not know as much as you about dieting (hence why Im posting here) having been directed to this community only a couple of months ago after previously (and stupidly) reading mens health, but I'm not a 'fucking idiot' I can assure you of that and probably far more successful in the academic world than yourself.

But yer that is another story, I just dont take kindly to being called a fucking idiot when looking for help. Granted, I should of been more specific. Apologies.


That is no way to talk to people.


I hope you still feel welcome here - it is really a great site with a lot of people with a great deal of practical wisdom. As far as advise goes, I'm no expert, but it seems like at your height and weight you don't have a lot of muscle mass to keep your metabolism high enough to properly cut in the first place. It looks like you are probably not getting enough calories to maintain your metabolism, but it is hard to say since most of your calories seem to be coming from the shakes. I suggest a food log. You may do better by bulking up 20 lbs or so, and then trying a cut. Just my opinion, though.


Thanks i appreciate the advice, I know for a fact Im not as bulked up as i want to be. Two years ago I was 194lbs at about 14% BF, I've since played shit loads of football and Rugby at University and was too tired to weigh train for the past 12 months regularly (well train regularly and properly anyway) i want to bulk up majorly after this holiday but its too late for that really. I've just got to look lean really in the short space of time I have.

Are any fat burners worth considering ?


WOW some people try to comment negatively just to put people down and make themselves feel better. What a shame! It looks like we both have the same questions regarding cutting. Here's what I was told by the GURU's in here:

I need to eat and incorporate more fat in my diet to lose fat. It can come from supplementation of Fish oil, cooking with Coconut oil and olive oil, nuts (be careful on this though) peanut butter,avocados and fatty fish like Salmon. Keep my protein intake to 1g x bodyweight. Carbs come from vegetables, sweet potatoes or brown rice. Limit my sugar intake to majority coming from pre and post work out meals.

Your food intake comes mostly from shakes. They recommended eating more quality food and adding more real food to your diet. Drink LOTS OF WATER, DO COMPLEXES or HIIT for fat losss. There are TONS of articles about it here.

Hope this helps a little bit. When I get the advice I can share. Keep pushing man and meet your goal!


1) Cut out the jam.
2) What is your protein shake? Pure whey spikes insulin pretty quickly, so can lead to fat gain. A whey-casein blend is a better choice.
3) Pasta isn't a great carb source for a fat loss diet. Sweet potatoes would be better.
4) You are only 172lb at 6', so you can easily get adequate protein from whole food sources instead of relying on shakes so heavily. Eat eggs.
5) Cutting out the porridge apart from on training days would speed up your rate of fat loss.
6) Your omega-3 tablets are probably crap. Get a bottle of omega 3 liquid and bump up the dose to 2 tbsp per day.
7) As other people have remarked, you aren't eating enough fat.

Read the articles on this site.


o rly?

All food spikes insulin, excess calories will make you fat. Whey protein isn't magically going to do that.


They usually dance better than the skinny ones, so I say yes.


Want to get ripped?
Eat 2g. of PRO per lb. of LBM
Eat fruit pre- and post-training only. Green veggies with the rest of your meals.
Do not be afraid of fat. Eat as much fat kcal for kcal as protein.
Train full body w/ compound lifts 3x per week
Do metabolic work 3 days per week.
Recovery cardio one day
Take in NO calories from liquid.


Nowhere did I say that whey protein magically makes you fat, imply that other foods don't spike insulin, or deny that excess calories make you fat. The point is that whey protein will produce a greater insulin spike than, for example, cottage cheese because it has a very high glycemic index; and it's digested very rapidly, so the thermic effect is low. A whey-casein blend is a better choice. But at only 172lb and 6', the OP needs to focus on whole food sources before resorting to 4 protein shakes a day.


Alright, people just throw the whole "whey spikes insulin" thing around way too much. Personally, I'd worry more about total calories rather than glycemic index.

Though, OP if you're 6' 172 are you sure you want to cut?


How is whey gona spike insulin it has no