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Critique My Cutting Cycle

28 yo male, 6’0 195, pretty good shape.

Ran 1 cycle before, Dbol & Test E.

Goal is 5-8% bodyfat.

Week 1-10 ED Tren A (75mg) / Test P (40mg) / Mast P (75mg)
Week 1-10 EOD Caber (0.25mg)
Week 1-16 ED Aromasin (12.5mg)
Week 7-12 ED Anavar (100mg)
Week 11-12 ED Test P (40mg)

Day after last Test P pin, start 10 day blast of HCG (500iu ED).

Then start Clomid (50mg ED) and Nolva (20mg ED). Run Clomid for 5 weeks, Nolva for 6 weeks. Stop Aromasin after 1st week of Clomid and Nolva.

Tren is tricky stuff man. Cycles great and looks good to me… I would bump test prop to 75 instead of 40 IMO to help minimize sides from the tren… I have seen in my experience that the dosage being equal, I get more from it… but I understand why you keep the test low if you really see 4% as a possibility… goid luxk bro! Maybe keep the caber on hand… you may not need it bro. I never did.