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Critique My Conjugate Program

Hey everyone, first post here. I’ve been looking for a place to chat up some conjugate users. I’m planning to run a program I made myself after my current meet. I’ve been researching the conjugate method for awhile now. I threw this program together. It’s just 3 weeks for now. I’ll be making a 4-6 and a 7-9 block as I go.

My week areas are: Squat - once I get out of the hole. Deadlift - Once bar is at my knee. Bench - It’s pretty balanced, looking to improve all parts of lift.

Target areas - Heavy posterior chain, triceps, chest

Some things to note are: I’ll be deciding my ME lifts at the gym, day of. I plan on doing a lot of Good Mornings. My supplement exercise is being cycled every 3 sessions. My accessories will be heavier each week, same accessories for the whole block. More accessory volume on ME, heavier with lower volume DE day.

Any and all advice is more than welcome.

Thank you!

Ps. Image will need to be clicked so it’s not blurry.

What specifically happens out of the hole on squat? Do you just slow down/stall or do you pitch forward and “good morning” the weight up? Similar on deads, what happens at knees? Do you just stall, or does your back start rounding a lot right off the floor when the weight is heavy, then at the knees you just don’t have a good position to lock out?

The reason I ask is because if technique is good, and you just legit have weakness in those positions, your approach is probably pretty solid. But if it’s a technical issue, you might want to consider adding more sub-max comp movement stuff, like 65-75% for some sets of 3, where the focus isn’t speed/power, but cuing, total body muscle contraction/bracing, and PERFECT technique. If technique isn’t solid, all the accessories in the world isn’t going to fix it.

Side note… might consider adding some more quad-specific volume, leg press, hack squat, or belt squat. Doesn’t look like you have much there.


Google brandon smitley building the raw (insert squat bench or deadlift)

I dont think you are properly targeting your weaknesses as well as you think you are.

The great thing about conjugate is you can change it however you want as long as it works.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Weak points I mention are just areas of the lift that slow down drastically. Squat just slows once I get back out of the hole, back positioning stays tight, I focus on leading with my head and driving through my quads and being patient. Deads are explosive off the floor, once bar reaches right below knee it slows and once I get above my knee lockout is easy.

I unfortunately don’t have any recent videos from these last few blocks of training.

The last 12 weeks have been very high volume with top sets at RPE8.

Yes, I agree with you about the quad point. I was thinking of front/high bar squats for my next supplemental rotation starting week 4.

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll be sure to look into this.