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Critique My Complex

It’s kind of based off the Chad Waterbury Submission Complex I read/saw here:

Only with the addition of the upright rows just because I like the number 8 and can call it Crazy 8s. The idea is to do 8 sets of the circuit, with at least 8 reps per movement. Do you think it would be effective?

Crazy 8s

Romanian Deadlift x 8-10
Dumbbell Upright Rows x 8-10
Reverse Lunges x 8-10
Good Morning x 8-10
Front Squat x 8-10
Military Press x 8-10
Bentover Row x 8-10
Floor Press x 8-10

Thanks for any input you can provide.

I think floor press is a bad choice to go into a barbell complex. It’s not a conditioning exercise. You want exercises with a large amplitude, and that are within a certain strength range of eachother. So I would change that to just push-ups, if you have a weighted vest that would be ideal.
I’d get rid of the upright rows, and add cleans instead.

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Thanks to you both for the feedback. It’s much appreciated.

For the record, I didn’t switch it from BB to DB. Waterbury’s Submission Complex was already DB, and I liked that aspect because it was different from most other complexes I’d seen, which makes it easy to do in my living room

I’ll definitely be incorporating your complex into my “gym day” complexes, Bushido. I like the looks of that one! Thanks again.

Dan John wrote an article a while ago, and on page 2 he gives some awesome complex routines.

I would do one of these as finishers after every workout while trying to cut weight before a meet and I had excellent results. 4 rounds of any of them is pretty tough, especially as you start to up the weight. Lost the weight I needed to, lost fat and gained strength and conditioning.

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This is a good article on complexes
You can also youtube him for vids of the complexes, as some of the exercises are easier to comprehend when seeing, rather to what he describes. There are different rep ranges, and both db and bb complexes for desired results.

NO! on the floor presses. The whole idea of complexes is to be standing, moving consistently. Go look up Dan John complexes and on his site is a PDF for download that has several of them you can print off and put in front of you to follow as you workout