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Critique My C&J

Here are two recent videos, any comments would be much appreciated. I’m 18 y.o. and BW is 160 lbs.

1st video: Clean is fast under = good, you let the bar drift and you jump forwards to receive it = no no. Keep the bar in tight after your 2nd pull. A lifter should never jump forwards from where they start. They should be either on the same spot or behind a tad.

Jerk = you lean forwards slightly on the drive phase, stay on your heels more, this will be more apprent when your lifting a bit heavier as youw on’t be able to hold the weight, it’ll lock to arms length then crash down.

2nd video: first 155 looks verys sharp, line is better, you don’t jump forwads, jerk is better as you stay on your heels longer.

2nd lift in the 2nd video looks good as well.



Thanks alot for the commets. The jumping forward has always been my main issue. I’ve almost eliminated it on Snatches, but I still need to work on finishing my clean pulls.


IMHO, you need to drop your hips to a lower position at the start!! In the first video, your hips are really high and you start the pull by letting the hips go up even further and not keeping the chest up. This is why the bar goes forward. Drop your hips and push with your legs off the floor, keeping the chest up and back angle the same.