Critique My Bulking Diet

Hey guys I’m about 6’ or 6’1, weight 227, bf not very sure, maybe 14%?
I’ve been trying to steadily put on good size and have made pretty good progress. When I started training I was about 170 but I wasn’t so poorly built that I added 100lbs off the bat, I was an athlete throughout high school.

My goal is to get heavy enough to where I could lean out a bit and still have some good size left over. Currently just trying to gain weight at a good pace without accumulating too much fat (isn’t that all our goals?). Posted below is my current diet, let me know what you all think, thanks.

Supps include amino acids, l-carnitine and omega-3’s

9:00am - Protein shake ( 3 scoops and water)
Cup of oatmeal w/ flax seed oil
Wheat toast with jelly

11:30am - 10 eggs (2 w/yolk the rest egg whites)
Either cheerio’s or some other sort of carb

2:00pm (Post workout)
low carb vanilla packet
pineapple juice
2 scoops of vanilla whey

3:00pm 2 pieces of tilapia
brown rice
cottage cheese

Double whopper no cheese, no mayo
grilled chicken sandwhich no bun

Steak w/ brown rice and vegetables

Protein shake

11:30 or 12
Cottage cheese w/ flax seed oil

i didnt count your cals but yea it looks fine… your trying to gain size homie as long as your eating around 4500 ull accomplish that