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Critique My BULK


Meal 1: 1.5c Oats
1.5c Berries
1tbsp. Honey
2 Whole Eggs/4 White
1.5 Oz. Ham
1..5c Spinach
.5c Bell Pepper
Green Tea

During Workout: Gatorade Endurance/Whey Mix

Post Workout: 20oz. Milk
2 Bananas
1 Scoops Whey

45 mins PWO: 2 Cups Kuz?s Chili
1 Apple
Whole Wheat Tortilla
2c Broccoli/Cauliflower
2 Fish Oil

Lunch: 1 Chicken Breast
100g WW Pasta
1 Tbsp. Ex. Virgin OO
3 Tbsp. Parmesean
1.5c Mixed Veggies

2:30: 1 scoop whey
1c oats
.5c berries
.5c Yogurt

5:00: 2 oz/ Almond/walnut mix

7:30: Whatever was made for dinner

9:30: 1c FF CC
2 TBSP. Ground flax

Comes out to a little over 5000 kCals.

I'm 15 142 Lbs. at 5'10" and ~10%BF so obviously I have to get bigger for football/basketball:)

And I train about 3 hrs. a day, and work until about 7 most days.


My impression is that you're eating plenty of food, but I'm not sure if you're getting enough protein. A typical guidline is 1.5/ln, so for you, that'd be about 210 grams of protein a day. Just guessing from what you've listed, it looks like you're at around 150-160, though I've no idea how much protein is in Kuz's chili. Do a macronutrient breakdown on excel or something to see if you're getting enough.

Second thing, three hours of training a day sounds like overkill. If you can handle doing it, that's fine, but it doesn't seem like there's really any recovery period in your lifting.

Third, what exactly are you doing for those three hours? Most of the programs posted by the authors here run about an hour per workout, if that. More isn't always better. Anyway, give us some info regarding your workouts for better critiques. If nothing else, make sure you're spending time focusing on the big compound lifts, and not spending those three hours a day on isolation exercises.


The fact you eat my Mom's chili PWO is the greatest thing I've seen in a while. LOL Awesome.


Wow. Assuming that you are actually doing it and you stick to it, that's about as impressive a diet as I've ever seen a 15-year-old come up with on this site. Most guys your age come here asking for the "latest sweet supps to get hyooge, bro" and could give two shits about what they eat.

You're light years ahead of most kids your age in maturity and doing your own work. Hope you keep it up.


I'm impressed you can afford that much food.

Hopefully your activity level's high enough for that amount of calories otherwise expect to put on some fat with the muscle. I'm not saying that's bad considering your age and weight but I hope your not expecting to stay lean.


For 75 mins. we do various lifting methods-ME, DE, etc., and then for 45 mins. we do sprint form and acceleration work, as well as other endurance/conditioning workouts, such as runing bleacher and doing agility work.

The other hour I do at night after work. It's mainly active recovery, which is primarily centered around basketball work. Then I follow this up with a recovery shower (hot water then cold water) and after that I ice/heat pad my knees and do some static stretching.

Oh and somewhere in there I manage to find time to go out every day with friends. So you know that I'm not wasting my childhood and being a total loser/loner without a social life.

Oh, and thatnks to T-Nation, I'm by far the strongest and fastest kid for my weight in all of the levels of our football/ basketball teams!


Hahaha it's too damn good to deny my cravings by this time!

Thanks for the great recipe.


My metabolism is insanely fast and I am naturally very lean. I know I'll gain some fat but I doubt if I'll gain more than 1-1.5 Lbs./week with this much calories. It probably sounds rediculous for my size but I can maintain on about 4300 cals/day and sometimes more depeding upon my activity.

Thanks for the imput.


Impressive now just be consistant and see what you can build.

Keep us informed