Critique My Bulk Diet

I’m a newbie to bodybuilding and this is the diet I’ve drawn up and am following at the moment. It’s roughly 50% Carbs - 30& Protein - 20% Fat


                                                Calories   Carbs	         Fat	         Protein

200g Bran Flakes 652Kcal 134.0g 4.0g 20.0g
450ml Semi-Skimmed Milk 222Kcal 22.5g 1.65g 15.3g
Total: 874Kcal 156.5g 5.65g 35.3g

Meal 1

Calories	Carbs	Fat	Protein

100g Whole Wheat Pasta 316Kcal 61.9g 2.0g 12.7g
170g Chicken Thigh 369Kcal 2.0g 17.65g 48.0g
200g Chopped Tomato 40Kcal 7.0g 0.1g 2.4g
Total: 705Kcal 70.9g 19.75g 63.1g


Calories	Carbs	Fat	Protein

2 Slices Brown Bread 182Kcal 30.2g 3.0g 8.4g
65g Chicken Breast 72Kcal 0.1g 7.1g 16.2g
35g Butter & Mayo 196Kcal 2.03g 20.8g 0.3g
100g Salted Peanuts 568Kcal 4.0g 49.8g 27.6g
Total: 1018Kcal 36.33g 80.7g 52.42g

Meal 2

Calories	Carbs	Fat	Protein

75g Weight Gainer 303Kcal 56.3g 5.3g 7.5g
100g Fine Scottish Oats 361Kcal 61.1g 8.1g 11.0g
300ml Semi-Skimmed Milk 148Kcal 15.0g 1.1g 10.2g
Total: 812Kcal 132.4g 14.5g 28.7g
30g Whey Protein* 112Kcal 0.6g 0.3g 27.0g
Total: 924Kcal 133.0g 14.8g 55.5g
*Only On Non-Workout Days, Otherwise Taken Directly After Workout

Meal 3

Calories	Carbs	Fat	Protein

240g Whole Eggs 362Kcal 0.1g 27.6g 30.0g
1000mg Cod Liver Oil - - - -
1000mg Flax Seed Oil - - - -
Total: 362Kcal 0.1g 27.6g 30.0g

Dinner ?
A large portion of whatever my Mum cooks. Usually either Pasta, Rice, or Potato with Chicken, Beef, or Pork and 2-4 portions of vegetables.
1000mg Flax Seed Oil Capsule
(Easily in excess of 600 Kcal)

Meal 4

Calories	Carbs	Fat	Protein

30g Whey Protein 112Kcal 0.6g 0.3g 27.0g
Total: 112Kcal 0.6g 0.3g 27.0g

Diet Totals

Meal Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Breakfast 874Kcal 156.5g 5.65g 35.3g
Meal 1 705Kcal 70.9g 19.75g 63.1g
Lunch 1018Kcal 36.33g 80.7g 52.42g
Meal 2 924Kcal 133.0g 14.8g 55.5g
Meal 3 362Kcal 0.1g 27.6g 30.0g
Meal 4 112Kcal 0.6g 0.3g 27.0g
Total: 3995Kcal 397.43g 148.8g 263.32

Plus Dinner

(sorry for poor layout, it looked a lot better in word)

I’m eating this diet alongside doing Rippetoe’s Starting Strength.

Any issues with it or problems with the diet and the food?

1000mg of flaxseed oil? why?

First of all, what do you weigh? What’s your body fat %, what’s your body type? (ie skinny and lean, fat bastard, naturally lean and can put on/take of weight easily)

Sorry about not adding that info in.

I’m 6’5" and weigh 182lbs with BF% around 10%-13.5%. I’m pretty skinny, and have a high metabolism so you could label me a hardgainer.

Oh, and the flaxseed, thats what size the caps come in. Should I be taking more?