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Critique My Bulk Diet


I'm 6' ~180 lbs. and workout on a upper/lower split 4 days a week. I lift in the mornings (around 11ish) and run sprints for 30 mins. later in the day (around 4). This is what I have planned out.

Omega-3 eggs (1 yolk, 5 whites)
1 cup oats
1 scoop whey

Morning Snack
2 tbsp peanut butter
1/4 cup cottage cheese

1 scoop whey

16oz 1% milk
1 cup oats
2 scoops whey
2 strawberries
1/4 blueberries
All blended together

5 Chicken Tenders
6 oz Brocolli
1 Cup Salad

1 lb. top sirloin or 3/4 lb. salmon or 1/2 chicken tenders
6 oz Brocolli
2 Cups Salad

1 tbsp peanut butter

This worked itself out to:

Protein: 340g
Carbs: 200g
Fats: 75g
S. Fats: 19g
Cals: 3068

Let me know what you guys think...


Diet looks great, only thing i'd say is that you have room to add more carbs if you'd like. Are the sprints everyday? And if so a necessity? I don't know how your body responds but i know if I did 30 mins sprints that often I wouldn't grow at all...also are you getting any bcaa or protein post-sprinting? You are still breaking down muscle there and if they are some brutal sprints then your legs will need something pwo. just my .02 hope it helps...



going on what dirty gerdy said about more carbs, do it. for your meals, whan you say 1 cup of salad, what kind of salad? thats not going to do a lot. Try red potatoes or maybe sweet potatoes. Limit the almonds before bed to about a handful, skip the peanut butter and have a cup of cottage cheese. Also, if your bulking, do not waste the egg yolks you can have all of them. Dont be worried about cholesterol, it wont be much of a problem. at 6' and 180lbs, that means fairly skinny, so eat a lot.


oh ya a sweet potato with a little butter and cinnamon hits the spot. lol You should add some in with your lunch. I liked work for it's cottage cheese before bed. I must've missed that. The casein protein in the cottage cheese will feed your muscles throughout the night. Also the egg yolks are not going to hurt you as work for it stated.

I'd have to search to cite the study but i recall somewhere reading that the cholosterol in the eggs does not boost bad cholesterol but actually increases good cholesterol. Plus testosterone is derived from cholesterol in the body so it will actually be a good thing. As far as eating the eggs for a protein source the whites are the protein containing part, so adding the yolks is up to you. You should be getting a decent amount of fat from the peanut butter, almonds, and sirloin but the yolks certainly won't hurt.



A little heavy on the protein and light on the fats. You're also going to need more calories if you want to gain weight, more like 3500/day, I know b/c I'm about the same size as you.

Add a veggie to your morning snack too, I use celery and red/orange/yellow bell pepper strips.


you could also add a piece of fruit to your breakfast, like an apple. Also, thanks to dirty gerdy, thats why i eat cottage cheese before bed, also much cheaper than buying a separate casein protein to have before bed. the point id like to make about not having almonds and the peanut butter, is that you are already getting the fat from the almonds, and dont need the peanut butter. that is too much fat.

Now, about the eggs. The study that was performed about eggs being bad and raising bad cholesterol was actually done by a cereal company. I dont remember who i heard that from, i think an author on this site.


Work_For_it: ya i think i remember the cereal company thing from this site too, almost positive of it now that you say that...

and for those reading on the cottage cheese thing: if your not man enough to eat it straight i've found that mixing it in a chocolate protein shake with a bananna takes away all flavor and texture from it. so that's an easier way to get it in your system if you struggle eating it straight. lol


I try to get my sprints in at least 3 times per week following a workout. Yes, I take about 5g BCAAs after and during my sprinting, should I add another protein shake after that too? I would ditch the running altogether, but I tend to put on fat easily, and since I'm not super lean (about 12-13% BF), I'd like to make sure it doesn't increase more than it needs to.

I have some yams, so I'll definitely try to get one in there. Timing wise, where should I put it?

I think the extra yolks could probably help with that... I'm thinking of shooting for 3000 cals and see how that works for a month, then up it if I see no progress.

Breakfast wise, I'm not really opposed to adding yolks. I'm more concerned with mixing 3-5 yolks which contain a lot of fat, with oatmeal or simple carbs like fruit.


Droogan: I have a metabolism opposite to yours and I burn fat and muscle really easily. But it's extremely difficult to put on mass. My only paranoia with sprinting and not taking a shake would be that you break down the muscle training it and then do not halt catabolism and start the rebuilding process right away.

The BCAA will help with halting catabolism and creating an anabolic environment. I would personally just fear that I won't be rebuilding the muscles. That's gonna have to be your call because you know your body better than I lol. And 3 times a week sounds ok...i was assuming you were doing that ed and i was like nooooo...your not gonna grooooowww...LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

I'd personally throw that yam in with your lunch and keep your post workout carbs to something like the strawberries, etc. or add some kind of dextrose to benefit from the insulin spike. PWO I take my creatine and BCAA with vitargo or a small gatorade. 30 Mins after that I pound 50g whey. 15-20 mins after that I have a meal.

I know the hardest thing to accept and most people argue that it's possible to do both at the same time, but I personally think that when bulking you will add a little flab and cutting lose a little muscle. My opinion tho.

p.s. sorry for not promoting Biotest products for those who use them...lol i think Surge might have dextrose in it and cause that insulin spike...i will research them because a lot of ppl use them on this site. I personally use other brands because I got the hook up :P, but from what i've read Biotest seems pretty legit! lol


Gerdy, i have a hookup for other brands as well, i like Biotest products, but money is the deciding factor. I also agree to have the yam with lunch. Also, after you workout, you body is trying to replace glycogen stores, so you can pretty much eat as much as you want within and hour or so of working out. My favorite thing to do after working out is to have a 50g protein shake, three slices of whole grain toast with about 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, and a glass of of soy milk(tastes better with the toast than water).

Its great, and has a lot of carbs and calories. Carbwise, its about 80 plus or minus grams. The fat is not gonna kill you in the 3-5 yolks, you are bulking, your just going to get more calories.
As for the cottage cheese taste thing, I like the taste by itself, but I have found that a little cinnamon sprinkled on top and mixed in makes it like dessert, as does a small bit of jam/jelly.


Oh ya I've done the jam thing with cc before...pretty good. I'll have to try cinnamon. I'm surprised I haven't yet, makes a lot of sense. lol

LMAO! I just looked at work for it's avatar...lol that's good...