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Critique My Bench


Other than my right elbow and bicep hurting everything felt ok. 260 is my max (What I go the other day) just wanted to get a quick video up of my form on a slow control lower, touch and go (with no bouncing off my chest)

Would love w/e advice/critique anyone might have and thank you (I know the video quality is bad, this was just a quick thing I needed to get up for Sherdog's Strongest and form critique


I’m definitely not the best person to give advice, but not much leg drive and your grip looked really close. You didn’t keep your back tight at the end either, you flattened out. Try posting a better video you may get more responses.


hard to tell with a near max- that looked really slow for 15 pounds under your max- but, your grip although close isnt neccessarily a bad thing if you have shoulder pain, try to arch through the whole lift you can accent this by holding your breath through the entire rep. you should be pushing off on your toes but keeping your ass down will help with leg drive. pull your shoulder blades in if you arent already, with a close grip its def. harder though


If you are having problems off your chest you might wanna try some lighter pause reps. Maybe put 200 on there and come down, pause for a full 1-2 seconds on your chest and focus on EXPLODING off your chest. That helped me a ton with my bench.

Also, it’s hard to tell but try and keep your elbows closer to your sides.


Check this out it might help


Its probably not a huge deal, but it looked like when the spotter and you unrack the weight that your shoulders are coming out of the sockets. You want to keep them down and tucked in good. Try pulling the weight out of the rack insteadof lifting it out.

I thought the form was pretty good though, but if its giving you pain then you might need to change something whether it be technique related, or just the need for some recovery.


It looks like you could touch a little bit higher and flare a bit more.


Here’s a link to meat’s form critique/general question thread he can give you good advice if you post the vid on there



It’s tough to tell if you’re keeping your scapulae retracted or not - it sort of looked like you had a decent setup but then lost it near the end when your back flattened out.

As someone had said before, getting more leg drive would probably be very helpful. I can’t see where your feet are, but if your feet are farther from the end of the bench than your knees, then you’re probably getting very little leg drive. Flexing the knees to less-than 90 degrees would probably help a lot, as it would allow you to drive a lot more through the legs.