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Critique My Bench Please


Doing a new program and this was the first time I've actually recorded my bench. I think the most important thing I can tell would be my set up with my feet. I don't know if I need to bring them in further or wider. I don't think I get enough drive through the toes. Anything else stick out to you guys?


It didn't look like you hand any leg drive at all, but the weight also looked way too light.


Yeah, you may have to play with your feet a bit. I am a high arch bencher, and I set-up in a similar way as you do. One thing I do is, once I place my feet, before I slide under the bar, I never move them. And I stay on the balls of my feet, but once I accept the weight I am pushing my feet forward and driving my heels down a bit. This will help you maintain your arch, and keep the rest of the body tight. At first glance, I feel like your feet are a bit too far back (but it could be b/c I do not see you using them). For me, when I am setting up, I grab the bar, slide off the backof the bench until my shoulder blades are just hanging off, and then I pull my feet directly under my knees, then I slide under the bar to set my arch, leave my feet where they are and start driving them forward and down. Good luck, and find what feels right and helps lock you down.


Try putting your feet a little more far apart (wider). This may help with driving through your heels. Usually when I think of exploding the weight off of my chest using my entire body, leg drive just happens.


Thanks everyone, appreciate the feedback. As far as understanding this correctly, when I setup properly I should have the balls of my feet planted firmly in the floor while trying to push my heels down but they should never really make contact?


Yes. That is the way you want to think about it. Watch Dave Tate's bench press videos; he explains it very well and there is a lot of valuable information in there.



I've seen it a few times but I will watch it again. I have a good understanding what needs to be done, I guess I just need to work on applying it.