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Critique My BBB Accessory Plan

Hi guys,

I do the 2nd temp for BBB ( 5/3/1 Bench with 5x10 OHP,etc ) as per the book(website).

But for accessory I do the following for lower body days: 4x8 pull ups, 4x10 barbell rows and 3x12 curls
for upper body days i do: 3x12 dumbell bench press, 3x12 skullcrushers and 3x12 dips.

So basically I do all exercises twice a week and hit push pull twice a week. It takes me roughly 15 mins to do all the accessory sets, so I am not focusing too much to mess up my workout next time. Also the 5x10 sets are done at 60%.

I also do bjj 2-4 times a week which is quite cardio based and involves abs work.

What do you guys think?


That’s an absolute butt load of unnecessary pressing. I’d cut out all pressing exercises in the accessory work and add in some single leg work.

If I were to run BBB, my accessories would be:

Upper body days:
-50 reps of pull
-50 reps of single leg/core

Lower body days:
-50 reps of push
-50 reps of pull