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Critique My Ab Workout


Hanging Knee Crunch 1X12
Leg Thrust 1x12
Side Crunch 1X12 (Each Side)
Swiss Ball Russian Twist 1X12
Swiss Ball Crunch 1X12
Abdominal Rollout 1x12

Repeat cycle 3 times

Active Rest

Abdominal Stretch 20 Seconds x 2
Side Bend Stretch 20 seconds x2
Stomach Vacuums 20 Seconds x2

2 times a week


What is an ab workout?


Caladin- How many days a week are you doing that? It looks good but I'd focus on doing 3-5 sets of an exercise as opposed to 1 of each. I love training abs based upon their function so you'd have
Trunk Flexion-Swiss Ball rollout and decline board crunches
Hip Flexion- Leg trusts, decline reverse crunches
Lateral Flexion-Side bends
Rotations- Woodchops

Hope this helps


Im trying to cover all angles on my abs. 3 sets of each just cycled through for a change up. You think 3-5 sets of each in a row instead of 3 supersets?


Is this a joke?


umm... I think you lost me?

Why would this in any way seem to be a joke?

Why would I waste peoples time with a jack ass fitness question?

Im looking for critique since Im not a fukin fitness guru with all the answers hence the question.

Pardon my spelling!


Ab rollouts are cool, and high reps seem to work well for them.

I used to do a circuit with exercises like the rest of them you have there, and it never did anything for me.

I like glute-ham sit-ups, also known as Roman Chair sit-ups, for three sets of 10, with a bumper plate held behind my head. The Range of Motion on these is great - legs are locked under the apparatus and full extended, the hip angle opens to over 225 degrees. Incredbily difficult. My best is 10 with 15 kilos. My coach told me that an 85-kilo lifter from my gym who won the National Oly championships could do reps with 45 kilos behind his head.