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Critique My 531 Choices, Will It Be Too Much?


Hello, just picked up the Beyond 531 book and have been reading it all night to come up with a plan that i aim to start running tomorrow!

What i thought looked most fun was the 531 pyramid version (with plus set on both top set and last set) combined with the Boring But Big, 5x5 Variation (i will also swap the accessories for higher frequency on the compounds).

Using this the first bench session for week one would look like this:

Bench Press
5 x 65%
5 x 75%
5 plus x 85%
5 x 75%
5 plus x 65%

Overhead press 5x5 80%

I think it looks rather fun and solid, what do you guys and gals think?

Also, how would i go about adding the other lifts?, i don't think i would need that many more, but maybe a row to compensate for all the pressing?


Looks like fun.

As for the pulling, you can do pulls between every set of a press, that is the easiest and most efficient approach that Jim mentions frequently.

I do DB rows between bench and pull-up with press, because the dumbbells are right in front of my bench, so I just roll up grab a pair and pull; I press on the rack, so I just step back, jump up and start my pull-ups - couldn't be easier.


First session done and it was really fun, i went with 5 sets of barbell rows after the bench and press and then 3 sets off biceps and triceps and called it a day.

What you suggested seems like a good way to get in some more pulling, i will keep reading the book for some more information!