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Critique My 4 Week Workout Plan


Here's what I'm going to do for four weeks following max strength. The tables didn't transfer when in the copy/paste from ms word. The columns are there some are shifted left. I used the template from and article by Mike Robertson called "Modified 5x5 Squat Program" and Cressey's "Maximum Strength Program".

I tried to follow the conjugate periodization model even though I've only read one article Tate wrote on it. I want to work on my power clean max so I decided to start with the high pull. I threw some sets and reps together. Let me know what you think. Call me or my workout plans what you will.

If none of it works I've only wasted 4 weeks besides at this point core lift programming is probably fool proof for me. I'm sure I'll see some improvement out of it. I'm planning on determining weight using the same method Cressey used for Max Strength. Max for the day and make sure all your required sets are 90% or above of max for the day. I'm a little worried about burning myself out.

In Robertson's article he says to focus on one of the big three per four week cycle, but I looked in max strength and cressy doesn't seem to do that. I said screw it and decided not to cycle the big three although I'm doing maintenance deadlift work.

week 1 2 3 4
Free Squat 4x5 3x5 5x5 3x3
dead lift 2x5 2x5 2x5 2x5
DB Bulgarian Split Squat/side 4x8 3x8 4x6 2x8
Glute ham raise 10x3 8x3 10x3 2x5
Prone plank 3x60s/side 3x60s/side 3x60s/side 3x60s/side
Lower body strength day

Upper Body Strength Day
Week 1 2 3 4
Wide grip bench press 4x5 3x5 5x5 3x3
Weighted Pull Up 8x4 8x3 10x3 2x5
Cable row Wide Supinated grip 4x10 3x10 5x10 2x10
Triceps press down 4x10 3x10 5x10 2x10
Barbell curl 4x10 3x10 3x12 2x10
Side plank 3x60s/side 3x60s/side 3x60s/side 3x60s/side

Lower Body power day
week 1 2 3 4
Speed squat 8x3@60% 6x3@55% 10x3@65% 3x3@50
High pull from floor 4x5 3x5 5x5 3x3
DB walking lunge 4x8 3x8 4x8 2x8
Barbell Glute Bridge 3x12 3x10 4x10 2x10
Dragon flag 4x15 3x15 4x15 2x15

Upper body power day
Incline press for power 10x3 8x3 10x3 3x3
One are db row 4x8 3x8 4x8 2x8
Plyo push up 4x8 3x8 4x8 2x8
Body English barbell curl 4x5 3x5 5x5 3x5
California Press 4x8 3x8 4x8 2x8
Lateral raises 4x10 3x10 4x10 2x10
Wood chops 3x12 3x12 3x12 3x12


Choose who you will follow, Cressey or Robertson.


Seconded, stick to one routine and preferably longer than 4 weeks. Routines by accredited and accomplished trainers are designed in a certain way for a reason, because that method provides results if you bust your ass at it. Don't go reinventing the wheel unless you're able to prove that you have a greater knowledge base than the coaches you are following, which you don't so the point is moot.


how are you defining strength and power? there doesnt seem to be any difference between these days
why incline press? competion bench or clean+PushPress would serve better