Critique My 3 Month Plan

I am just finishing up CW’s SFM program and have a few weeks coming up where I will be off of both work and school. After asking Chad I have decided to try his quattro dynamo and do a 1 week of Alpha Male, 2 weeks of MAG-10, then a week off as he directed in the original article. I’ll finishe off the Alpha Male in the two weeks post. Do i need M as well?

After that I am going to get back to a strength focused program of his, TTT for 6 weeks. I am hoping this will help me to retain most of the muscle that I put on during QD.

After the TTT was planning to do Shug’s Velocity Diet for 3-4 weeks to strip off some fat in the late spring.

My main goal right now is to gain strength, but since i have some time off I figure it would be a perfect time to use some MAG-10 that i have stashed away.

What do you think of this? Any other questions, ask away.


No one?

So should I assume the plan is good as i have it outlined?