Critique My 2 Day Split

Let my just start off by saying that ive been fighting a serious back injury for about 3years now, its a old herniation that started bugging me and i didnt take it seriously untill i was almost crippled.

Ive gotten better several times but reinjured myself again and again…

Now for the last 4months ive been patient ans smart and havent had any serious flare ups because of this.

Off course im still sore sometimes but overall im pain free.

But because ive been out so long my strength in my back and surrounding tissue has diminished totally, im slowly building it again but its gonna take time and planned effort.

Ive read mcgills books, alot of mike robertson stuff and about everything i could find on the webs to fix this, im also doing a.r.t. and dry needling.

The reason im putting this here and not in rehab is cause im now past the acute rehab phase, i can lift although very light and im getting stronger every workout.

Ive tried a bunch of movements and different setups and ive found this sch3me of lifting every 3-5 days works best with a mini upper body workout and one core workout in between, i also ride my bicycle daily for active recovery.

Anyway here is my routine, please look and tell me if it looks decent and what changes if any you would suggest


Dips: on trx weighted 4x5

Pullups: for reps

Zercher squat: 3x5

Ohp: barbell: 3x8

single leg rdl:3x8

single leg hip thrust 3x10

Half kneeling band row: 3x10

Trx fallouts: 3sets

Kb swings: sets of 10 untill i get to 50 total reps then add weight.


Dips: trx bw 4sets

Chins: weighted 5x5

Trx rows: 3x10

Zercher squat:3x5

Weighted glute bridge: 5x5

Half knelling landmine press 3x10

Lunge: 3x8

trx fallout: 3sets

kb swings: same

I also do stuff like glute activation,psoas activation and bird dogs for warmup.

my core workout is

curl up: 3sets

glute bridge: 3sets

side plank 3sets

bird dogs 3sets

And my mini upper body workout:

Assisted chins/pullups: 1set

band floor press: 1set

band floor flyes: 1set

band pull apart series 1set