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Critique My 2 Day Split


Hi guys,

At the moment my goal is to gain some muscles. I prefer the 3 day split postet in the ' Do this routine instead of that dumb one '
However, I dont think I can handle it to go to the gym 6 times in a week.
Thats way I created a 2 day split , which has almost the same exercises as the 3 day split :

workout 1 :

flat bench press
incline bench press
barbell rows
military press
lateral raises

workout 2 :
leg curls
Front squats
leg press

My aim is to go to the gym 4 times a week. I think i need one day off after every workout ?
What do you think anyway ?

kind regards


Just a classic, upper/lower program.

What was wrong with his 4 day split?


If you cant go 6 times a week, then just go on say M, Tu, Th, F and rotate through the split in order and pick up where you left off the next week. Or just go through it 2 days on, 1 day off or something (pretty much what I'm doing now).


Way too much volume brah. You'll be overtrained in no time!


I got burned out just looking at it!


Just train like humans were meant to train. Do the most natural motions available:
Pick something up - deadlift
Pick yourself up - pullups
Push something above you - OHP
Push something in front of you - bench
Sit down and stand back up - squats
Pull something towards you - row

It's so simple... Why on earth is your 'leg training' RDL and leg curls??? Hurts me inside. I have 28in quads at 5'6 and I do nothing but squats and deadlifts.



Or just do a 4 day split, chest+tri/back+bi/legs/shoulders+abs+calves and other accessory work.


Wait... Are you really insinuating something is wrong with having RDL's and leg curls as part of leg training? Damn... Bodybuilders are doing it wrong...


Thanks for the replies.
kingbeef yoo would rather recommend to do a 3 day split 4 days a week instead of a 4 day split ? Keep in mind that I am in beginner :stuck_out_tongue:


lol... I am insinuating that while they can be part of leg training, leg training should be based around heavy compound movements - AKA some form of squat or deadlift... All the best bodybuilders do this and hey, look at powerlifters - most have huge legs. Even mine are 28in and I have been powerlifting for like 1.5 years... Are/were your legs 28in at 5'6 after less than 2 years of training?


Yes, that way you get better than 1x a week frequency.

Front Squats, Romanian DEADLIFTS, and Leg Press aren't compound movements now... Intredasting...


Nothing to add but, AH HA! I found another Albertan! We be showin' up on this website all over the place lately!


RDL is some kind of deadlift. Front squat is some kind of squat. Why is there any back-and-forth about this? You're saying the same thing.


Hahaha I wasn't trying to be an ass... All i was getting at is that personally, I dont see the purpose as having your 2nd exercise as leg curls... If you do a squat variation hard, then a deadlift variation hard... you are done leg training IMO.


Lol. Not sure if srs.


I want to see a pic of these legs Judging by that avatar picture Im quite a bit larger then you AND taller and mine are only 29 inch.


There you go. Taken really quickly on my webcam. Anyways, this isn't the point of the thread is for me to pull my pants down... hahahahahah... My whole point, was that leg training can take many forms but IMO (note use of this... AGAIN)... There is no point to do much other than just squats and pulls.


pretty solid legs i gotta say, and props for throwin up pictures


And some people train arms once a month and have 20 inch arms lean.

Doesn't mean that it's good advice for most. Speaking for myself, I have terrible genetics in the leg department, and after focusing on just what you said (squats and deads) primarily for YEARS, I still have horrible legs. And I've hit over 500 and 600 on each, respectively.

gj though.