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Critique My 1st Tren Ace Cycle? Pics/Stats/Bloods Inside

finally injury free! after a long shoulder injury and im finally ready to run my tren ace test prop cycle.

Goals: gain 3-5kgs of mass. whilst having no increase in bodyfat possibly dropping 1-2% ? ( not sure if achievable but hey got to have something to aim towards!)

80kg 176cm bf - 12-14%

diet: 1.5Grams protein per LB - .4Grams fat per lb - rest cals = carbs
I will adjust weekly to my new weight every sunday morning.

  • I will sit at a 300 calorie surplus + 5 times week fasted cardio 30mins.

should I run tren ace and test prop at same dosage or drop test prop dosage? because tren ace will always win over test prop when it comes to receptors… so??

weeks 1 - 8 tren ace 75mg EOD ( might increase to 100mg eod if I can handle it)
weeks 1 - 9 test prop 75mg EOD ??
weeks 1 - 9 .25mg arimidex EOD

clomid 50/50/25/25 or 75/75/50/50 ?
nolva 40/40/20/20

will pull blood work mid cycle to see if caber is needed for my prolactin levels. cant access hcg and have never used before in cycle.

critique my cycle ??